Guess the RUNE price and WIN

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Hello Leo-Family,

In the thrilling world of crypto, RUNE has emerged as the star player, consistently achieving new volume all-time highs every week. The resulting fees, the lifeblood of yield for liquidity providers and stakers, are creating juicy APRs that are turning heads in the crypto community. This impressive performance is not just attracting attention; it's ushering in a wave of new capital to the chain.

What makes the weekly RUNE guessing game even more exciting is the recent participation of none other than @khaleelkazi, a prominent figure in Leofinance. His involvement adds a layer of prestige to the game, highlighting the inclusive and engaging nature of the crypto community.

As we navigate this wild RUNE ride, the guessing game becomes more than just predicting prices; it transforms into a communal experience filled with fun and excitement. With each passing week, we eagerly anticipate the next round, embracing the unpredictability of the crypto market and reveling in the shared enthusiasm for RUNE's incredible journey. Join us for the next round and let's ride the RUNE wave together!

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What do you think RUNE will cost by the end of Sunday?

Comment with your guess directly to this post. The bet closest to the truth will win the weekly price. If your bet is exactly to the point, you will win the Jackpot.
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The Prices


The weekly Price

15 LEO for the winner

30 LEO for the winner who reshared (rehived) this post before Sunday

As long as we have a bet, we have a winner!
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The Jackpot

100 LEO

The Jackpot is fixed to 100 LEO.

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The Rules.


  • provide your tip of the RUNE Price in US$ (Format $X.XXX) with three decimals as a comment until Saturday 23:59 CET
  • only one tip per account allowed per individual user; multi-account-users shall only comment with one account, multiple comments lead to disqualification
  • the tip that is closest to the reference price will win the weekly price
  • if there are two tips equally near to the winning value, the one that is given earlier is the winning one
  • a tip that is precisely on the spot with the reference price will win the Jackpot
  • the reference price will be taken from Coinmarketcap; (see the following reference)
    and rounded to two decimals
  • prices are transferred directly to the winning account before publishing the next weekly post
  • winners are announced in the respective section of the next game post

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We had 33 valid bets in our last weekly Bitcoin guessing round and the tipps ranged from 3.750$ to 6115. @mein-senf-dazu had the right guess, with $0.002 below the reference price. The bets in detail:

3.750 @jfang003
3.978 @littlebee4
3.999 @erikklok
4.512 @hjrrodriguez
4.615 @chrisparis
4.871 @tokutaro22
4.873 @bitcoinflood
4.881 @ben.haase
4.900 @dragokazo
5.216 @ferod23
5.258 @servelle
5.333 @pulubengdugs
5.450 @youngelder

5.465 reference winning price

5.567 @mein-senf-dazu winner

5.710 @khaleelkazi
5.814 @jorgebgt
5.817 @nancybriti1
5.830 @quan45
5.903 @necho41
5.907 @miriammarga
5.920 @ddn688
5.973 @rebe.torres12
6.011 @yova
6.090 @rosauradels
6.145 @jhonnygo
6.225 @ericburgoyne
6.235 @alovely
6.250 @cinygirl
6.412 @kelseyimoh
6.680 @daniella619
6.934 @agreste
5972 @jenam
6115 @bentcamelo

Congratulations to @mein-senf-dazu who won this little game for the 1st time. Unfortunately, @mein-senf-dazu missed to reshare the post in order to double the win and got 15 LEO (only).


Good Luck

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shout out to the players of the ETH and BTC guessing game:
@aiovo @ajanaku @akumagai @alovely @amigareaction @amr008 @an-man @bagofincome @barmbo @bitcoinflood @bntcamelo @chacald.dcymt @chrisparis @chuyster @cinygirl @coolkris @coquicoin @crazy-unicorn @crrdlx @cst90 @dagger212 @daniella619 @danoskie @davedickeyyall @dragokazo @eliasg85 @emeka4 @emma001 @fabian98 @failingforwards @faithluck @fbpowers @finguru @gameofcrypto36 @ghua @gigil @grumbkow @hansvonkatte @harpreetjanda @hetty-rowan @hhayweaver @hykss @iamchuks @imfarhad @informationvault @irenavarroart @ismaelgranados @itsostylish @jane1289 @jeferybgomez @jfang003 @jhonnygo @jmehta @joemark @jorgebgt @josediccus @justinpencilz @khaleelkazi @kelseyimoh @kevinnag58 @kristin @lettingo @levi-miron @littlebee4 @master-lamps @mcoinz79 @mein-senf-dazu @mercurial9 @micheal87 @minimining @miriammarga @mlrequena78 @monbijou @moretea @mrf83 @mypathtofire @nathen007 @necho41 @no-advice @notak @officialhisha @olddessauer @olivia08 @olympicdragon @oscarpower55 @owlpalace @plint @preparedwombat @podewils @rebe.torres12 @repayme4568 @revise.leo @riandeuk @rikolo @rosauradels @rossbach @sagardyola @samuelvoncocceji @sarahdavis @schindmaehre @shitsignals @silesiaglogau @sinistry @sondershausen @steemstreems @stevescoins @takimn @tengolotodo @thecryptodave @thomashnblum @tfranzini @tokutaro22 @trangbaby @ugomarcel @vanidike @vikbuddy @williamtboy @whispertamesth1 @wofaipeace @yeckingo1 @youngelder @yova @zastrowe

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