Introducing LeoDex V5 | Dark Mode, Mobile Trading, HiveSigner & Market Orders

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Introducing LeoDex V5 | Dark Mode, Mobile Trading, HiveSigner & Market Orders .png

The highly anticipated LeoDex V5 update is now live! We've introduced a lot of highly requested features along with an aesthetic overhaul to the entire interface.

We've also migrated LeoDex to it's own domain. It was previously located at and now you can access it at (the old domain will redirect users to the new one).

In this post, we'll run you through the new features that we've brought in LeoDex V5:

  • Dark Mode
  • Mobile Trading
  • HiveSigner
  • Historical Volume
  • Token History
  • Advanced Search
  • Multi-Order Cancel
  • Market Orders
  • New Deposit/Withdraw Menu

Dark Mode

If we got a LEO for every time someone asked us to add Dark Mode to LeoDex, we'd be LEO whales! When you first load up, you'll immediately notice the dark layout. In my opinion, it's a vast improvement over the previous look.

Dark Mode is the default layout for LeoDex. If you want to switch to Light Mode, you can easily toggle between it using the Sun/Moon icon at the bottom right.

The previous versions of LeoDex had Leo the Lion featured in the background. We've heard from several users that it'd look better without him, so he's been replaced:

Mobile Trading & HiveSigner Integration:

Mobile Trading is something that I've wanted for a while and I know there are many other power users out there like @trumpman who want to trade on Mobile/without HiveSigner. @uyobong and many other users have also mentioned issues with Hive Keychain.

Now you can login to LeoDex with either Hive Keychain or HiveSigner. If you have Hive Keychain on your browser, then it will automatically prompt keychain. If you don't (or you're on mobile), then it will automatically redirect to a HiveSigner authentication process.

login to leodex with hivesigner.gif

Login with HiveSigner

leodex trading now available on mobile.png

Trade Hive-Based Tokens on Mobile

Historical Volume Chart

Trading volume is an important metric, especially on a small exchange like Hive-Engine. When you're evaluating tokens for investment/trading purposes, knowing the historical volume for that token is a vital tool. We often see random spikes in trading volume on certain days for different tokens.

Before today, you weren't able to see the historical volume for various tokens on Hive-Engine. This meant that you were essentially in the dark about the actual usage of a particular token because you could only see the volume over the last 24 hours.

Now, you can see the last 30 days of trading volume on each day. The chart is broken down as the total swap.hive traded in a day and the total x tokens traded in a day.

Volume Chart

Token History

Again, many users want to see their history for a particular token. They want to know when they were issued tokens, when they placed a market order, etc. This feature is actually available on (which is my preferred way to view history), but having it on-site for LeoDex also makes a lot of sense.

You can find your history by navigating to the wallet page and then clicking the history button next to any token:

Token History Button on the LeoDex Wallet Page

Token History Page

Advanced Market Search

Searching for Hive-Based tokens to trade should be an easy and intuitive experience. For this feature, we looked at top exchanges like Bittrex and modeled their UI to create a better menu for navigating tokens:

Advanced Market Search Menu

Another awesome feature on this menu is that you can click on the 24hr volume / 24hr change to toggle sorting. If you click 24hr volume, you can see a list of all HE tokens sorted by top/bottom volume.

Multi-Order Cancel

If you're an active trader on Hive-Engine (like me), cancelling multiple orders can be an absolute pain in the ass. Clicking each cancel button individually, waiting for the page to reload, then clicking the button again... It's a hassle. Now you can just select all the orders you want to cancel and hit 2 buttons and it's done.

You can access this feature either on the trading page for a specific token or access all of your open orders on the Open Orders page.

Cancel Your Open Orders in Just a Few Clicks

Market Orders

For the first time ever, you can now place market orders for HE tokens directly on the exchange. To do so, just toggle between Limit / Market in the order field. There are different reasons for using either a market or a limit order. For many users, buying a token at the current market price is all they want to do.

Now you can simple enter in how much HIVE you want to spend on a token, and then buy that much HIVE worth of the token and get instantly filled at the asking price.

Set a Market Order Buy or Sell and Get Instantly Filled

Edit: we've found a small bug in the market order display where it shows the wrong estimate for how much tokens you're buying and selling. The feature still works, it just gives a miscalculated estimate. We're working on a patch and will release it ASAP.

New Sub Menu

The submenu below the main header gives quick access to depositing and withdrawing HIVE and SWAP.HIVE. You can also see your LEO and SWAP.HIVE balances at the top right.

New Quick Access Menu

A few miscellaneous extras:

  • New LeoDex domain:
  • LeoApps and LeoChat footer menu
  • Longer order books (shoutout to @xyzashu)
  • LEO the Lion background didn't make the cut

steemleo black token divider.png

Our Community:

LeoFinance is an online community for crypto & finance. We run several projects that are powered by Hive and the LEO token economy:

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Forgot to add this at the end:

If you want to support the LEO Ad buyback program, please turn off your Brave Shields/Ad Blockers for LeoDex (also remember that it's on a new domain, so if you had them turned off on the old site, you need to turn them off again).

Learn more about our Ad Program:

See LeoDex's user traffic:

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I used it for the first time and it's a fabulous portal. Great work done. All HE tokens are here or any difference?

Beautiful! So brilliantly done. Couldn't ask for more enhancements in a single version update.

This should make many HE tokens crave for listing on LeoDex.

Posted Using LeoFinance

That would be a reversal and makes sense.

Leodex might be the preferred interface.

Posted Using LeoFinance

After the move to Hive, we actually changed it so that any HE token can be traded on LeoDex.

Just use the search feature and you’ll find any token on Hive Engine. Listed tokens get a featured button on the DEX which adds an extra access point, but we’re looking for alternative ways to offer value to those who are “listed” — we’ll likely change the verbiage from listed to “premium” tokens.

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WOW, that's awesome. Didn't know of it. Just checked and found I was unnecessarily shuffling between LeoDex & HE. Thanks man!

Posted Using LeoFinance

Anytime! Glad to help :)

p.s. I use HE maybe 1x a month now and LeoDex daily xD

I selfishly design/pick features based on what I like 80% of the time

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where to write besides discord if withdraw transaction disappeared?

Auto population of username when staking tokens is worth a mention. This was so so important times I used to wonder if I was staking to some other a/c due to some typos. Now I don't have to recheck spellings for my username :)

Posted Using LeoFinance

Looks like I was dreaming when typing this ...LOL!
May be, this can be added in the next update.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Damnit lol. So many changes, I forgot about that one.

We made a bunch of tiny improvements like that and I meant to include it in the miscellaneous at the end.

You weren't dreaming - it's still there :)

Posted Using LeoFinance

Oh yeah, I can totally understand that. Thanks for thinking of this improvement as well!

I think, I found the root of my confusion :) ...and it's probably something you can replicate at your end. When I've to stake more than one type of coin, this thing works perfectly for the first coin but not thereafter; unless the page is refreshed after every staking transaction.

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Trading volume!
There goes my HE tokens volume posts :)

Great job, love the token history, and the direct buy, fill orders.

Oh yea ... and mobile. Will play around with that one.


Mobile is a great update. I know many users who've wanted that for a while

Posted Using LeoFinance

I'm happy about the mobile trading platfotm. I get to fw with hive coins without going to my computer every time. Half the time, I'm just staking Leo, so this will save me the stress.

Posted using Dapplr

Mobile is huge. After looking at our user stats, we see nearly half are using mobile devices primarily. We'll probably release another update before the end of this year that is focused on making the mobile experience even better

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The dark theme was a long waited feature and is good for the eyes. Just need some positive gain shining from it and that will keep trading going on forever.

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Mobile trading is a game changer...and should instantly increase add revenue.

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That looks sexy as fuck. Great job from the @leofinance team and bright signs for the future.

Posted Using LeoFinance

One more step to success !!!

Posted Using LeoFinance

Very exciting developments @steem-leo / @khaleelkazi! As soon as I opened LeoDex and my eyes were treated with dark mode, it was instant gratification. Looking forward to checking out the mobile version. From your description, sounds like you "hit it out of the park."

Now ... If only we can get to the new LeoFinance UI, what a wonderful new "LEO world" we'll have to enjoy!


P.S. Hopefully, bookmarking will be an option in the new UI, so we can bookmark post favorites. Like this one!


Manually curated by the Man Cave community!

(in support of our LEO investment)

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Quite an exciting development, glad that I've started using Leodex. This would make a sweet interface while teaching my mentees on how to manage their Hive tokens.

Posted Using LeoFinance needs a dark theme too !

Posted Using LeoFinance

Amazing updates!
Congratulations for the awesome progress of LEO!

Posted Using LeoFinance

Great news 😉. Very happy for you and the LEOfinance community. Keep BUILDing 🤓

This is just amazing. Didn't know about the 0.25% fee as well, will definitely save me some money now.

Its amazing! Congratulations to the entire team of developers and @khaleelkazi, thank you for always bringing the best to our community.

We will do our trade in style now hehehe ...

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Beautiful to see LEO, well done on the decentralized exchange, which is the way to go. Decentralization is crucial and protects us nicely. I love the look of the Leo dex, keep up the good work, we love it.

Love the progress.

Awesome updates! It was time to have its own domain, and having a mobile version is very important to attract busy people who are moving a lot during the day.

A little suggestion for the next version: add a simple process like you made for canceling multiple orders for staking/unstaking multiple tokens as well.

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Great work as always, team. I've written a few of my first thoughts on the LeoDex V5 update on my blog, focusing on things that make things easier.

In my opinion, the most important update is HiveSigner integration, simply because it means I can now use the damn thing (surely I'm not the only moron who can't figure out Keychain).

I've also spoken about the 0.25% fees inside the new deposit/withdraw menu and my stance on the light/dark mode debate.

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Very nice, very cool eady explaining vieeo could help you get more members.I support everything Leo like.

Posted using Dapplr

Great update. I personally like the dark mode and user-friendly interface.

I turn off Brave for all LEO products, :) LEO building quite the little ecosystem for itself, can't wait to see when LEO-FI/HIVE-FI launches

The platform is looking very appealing, I'll definitely make sure to check it out as I myself am interested in a platform that houses Hive Tokens 💪.

Love the DARK mode !

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I am glad that my tweet got featured in the post. My contribution to the new Leo DEX version 5 :P

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hey guys, great work! I got a quick question: what does the "efficiency" on the pending curation tab mean on hivestats? E.g., What does 100% mean? Does it mean I "break even"? I don't quite get it 😅

Bravo! Very nice update! An even better platform to trade hive-related tokens!

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