Add some power to my hive account!

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I had a long time ago to power up my hive account because my mind last 10 days is at @cubfinance and how to add more liquidity to farms and also gain some extra cub tokens.
So I had left a little behind the other activities related to cryptocurrencies.
But today it's time to do a little power up on my hive account and take a look at its development through the statistics offered by .

bandicam 20210321 234256834.jpg

bandicam 20210321 234320034.jpg

bandicam 20210321 234350013.jpg

A small power up for today of 25.6 hive and those earnings are exclusively from the use of the games we deal with through the hive which reward me almost every day and these are
@rabona ,@dcity @risingstar and @cryptobrewmaster !

bandicam 20210321 234516494.jpg
As for my account growth through hivestats i have climb over 200 hive last month!
This is a very good reward for me to keep trying the good job that i try to do!
Thanks a lot my friends for your support!

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In a short time, at what price do you get to visualize Cub?

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