Celebrating my 1000 HP . My first goal reached!

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At my latest post
i wrote about hivestats.io and my account growth at last 30 days!
Now its time to celebrate my efforts that reaching my first goal on hive which was to stake 1000 hive.
It was not very easy to reach that goal but with help of my Senpais i manage to grow very fast than I expected at the beginning of this journey.
bandicam 20201114 224032421.jpg
bandicam 20201114 224116080.jpg

As you can see i was only 62.578 hive far away from 1000!
Today after selling some of my tokens at hive-engine and some of my HBD i manage
to collect them.
bandicam 20201114 224122159.jpg
bandicam 20201114 224157354.jpg
And here is my new HP...1000 exactly
I look forward to reaching my next goal of 5000 HP
I know that this road is not easy but with perseverance and patience everything is possible!
I want to thank all my friends for their support!

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Congratulations on reaching your goal! 1,000 HP is a great milestone and it shows that you are committed! Keep building. At around 5,210 HivePower (the amount may increase) you will reach Dolphin status.

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Thanks my friend!I will keep trying as much as i can!


Παμε δυνατα!

Εχω μέλλον ακομα!

Congratulations. Smash those upvote buttons with style.

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Congratulations and good job.

It is nice to see people getting to their goals they set. Now that you reached 1,000 HP, you can start working towards 2,500.

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Of course i will continue with my next goal!Thanks a lot!

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Congrats urra you are not a planchton you are a minnow this get you more incentives to be here, here we go to the moon man continued growing man do not stop.

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I will also follow your power.

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Congratulations on your milestone. The first 1K is the hardest!

Hey congrats on hitting your goal. It will take some time before you reached the 5k mark but you will get there.

I am also trying to reach that goal I gave myself 5 months to have it completed.

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