Hivestats is live again!My account grow!

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For the past few weeks I have been in the dark about my hive rewards because of the problem with hivestats.
But finally the problem is solved and I can still have control over the rewards and the development of my hive account.

bandicam 20201113 212325972.jpg

In this graph I can see the impressive rise of the account in the last month. So I have gone up by about 80 hive and @leofinance has played an important role in this with my daily posts.

bandicam 20201113 212332783.jpg

The daily rewards from post is noticeably elevated from day to day.I am trying every day my best for this community and i will keep it up to the future.

bandicam 20201113 212358243.jpg
bandicam 20201113 212439325.jpg

Another noteworthy is the increase of curations in the last month. As we see in the picture the curations in the last 30 days are 7.14 HP and also the Author HP is 40.57.
At this point I would like to say a huge thanks to @zuerich for the 2000 HP delegation that he has offered me and has helped me a lot in developing my account.

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Nice. I have 2000 HP delegated from @zuerich as well and try my best to put them at work every day.

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Keep it all going. Each month, add more to the pile.

This is the wonderful thing about Leo and Hive. If we are active/engaging, the tokens will come.

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I will do my best!

Thanks for mentioning me 😀

Gradually raise up of your HIVE Power and rewards describe your Perseverance.


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