Staking more and more Leo to my account!

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After the latest announcements from @leofinance for wleo I am determined to continue staking leo and continue this difficult task to exceed 10000 leopower.
So today I will stake another 95 leo and finally I managed to exceed 6000 leopower with the last stake.

bandicam 2020-09-06 22-21-24-725.jpg

bandicam 2020-09-06 22-22-17-506.jpg

bandicam 2020-09-06 22-22-42-389.jpg

Of course the path to constantly climbing leopower is not that easy but it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to achieve your goals.
However, I firmly believe that with the very correct and careful moves made by the team of @Leofinance, Leo will be very strong in a very short period of time and will compensate us for our efforts.

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You are doing a very smart thing in my opinion. With the power downs, your 6,000 staked will give you even more influence over the daily reward pool.

Trumpman is correct, we are going to see people who have 6,000 LEO very happy a year from now. And there is lots of room to grow between now and then.

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Nice! I have a feeling owning 6k Leo is gonna be a really big deal in a year from now. And chances are by then you will have a lot more!

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It's already a big deal, by then will be a huge deal!

Congrats for advancing closer and closer to your milestone. Myself I've put a target of 10,000 LEO staked until end of the year and I am barely at 450 LEO so far. But, I believe that with daily posting and some other activities I can make it. And if not, at least I have tried!

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Keep trying my friend and you will achieve your goal soon.

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Things are heating up here as we get closer to launching wLEO. I'm also excited about the new interface and what it means for user acquisition and retention moving forward.

We've come a long way and have a long way yet to go 🦁

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I appreciate your work @khaleelkazi and i will keep trying the effort to make Leo big at the markets.

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