Forget gold, forget crypto, is Lego the best investment?

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So here is a post looking at lego. So many conversation about crypto Prices and precious metals but looking at the figures I think maybe Lego might be the best investment I have made. I have never really looked at it financial before but after chatting to @caulderfreeman and @sharmanhd I thought I would start looking at the Lego we have and the finances behind it.

How much for this?

Now on this first post I just wanted to start looking at what we have and how much it is worth. I also wanted to start adding them to where you can track your collection and value. Now we have a lot of lego so it was a bit overwhelming. However we have some on display and I thought I would start with this display of some Star War figures. How much do you think it is worth? Also what figure do you think is worth the most?

Now lets take a look at the top row. We have Yoda, Darth, the Emperor and eww Jar Jar!

Yoda £7.78
Darth (20th aniversary edition) £16.78
Palpatine £6.72 (if he had the right legs which i will find)
Gungan soldier £3.06

Top line = £34.34

U3PO - £6.56
Han does not seem to be a figure in the lists!
Mando £3.71
Chewie £2.81

2nd Line = 13.08

3rd line

Imperials patrol trooper - £5.65
general grevious - £18.80
Mandalorian Death Watch warrior - £3.59
Elite Praetorian Guard £3.81

3rd line = £31.85

4th line

Ewok warrior - £5.05
Anakin - £3.23
Ewok Wicket - £7.20
Clone scout trooper - £8.25

4th Line = £23.73

Total for the frame - £103

That is an insane amount of money for a few Lego figures. I have costed them in used prices without accessories, although we do have the accessories. It will be interesting to see the prices next year and ee what happens with them. I don't know how much we paid for them which is annoying and it is hard to judge with these as they are mostly bought in sets and not individually.

Now this is only the tip of the iceberg of our lego collection and we will be looking carefully at it and doing some regular blogs. it is winter in the UK and the beach is cold so lego it is.

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looking at the figures - I see what you did there! 😆 Gotta love Lego and those ewoks are super cool 💜 I might have to dig mine out at some point 🙂

lego is awesome i have so much. Lego is crazy valuable especially if you have some of the early 90's sets or earlier. I wish i lived in the UK they have released some soccer minifigures over the years that you could only get in the uk.

Yes it is funny stuff, I think it is the franchise stuff that is worth the most like Star Wars or Lord of the rings! I don't have any soccer figures will have to look them up!

Exactly the way you are saying that seeing these wonderful things has brought back childhood memories, we used to play with these kinds of toys a lot. Due to inflation, the prices of many things have increased so much that if we had bought these things, we would have made a good profit.

It is a very interesting world of lego out there and plenty of investors!

How did I miss this post? Lego may just be the best investment of all. Two of my favorite things Lego and Star Wars in one post. Awesome figures! !PIZZA

Nice one, you ain't seen nothing yet lol



lol !PIZZA

I would like to recommend "gaming" with building bricks!

"Gaming" for adults got accepted in the last years. I think this analoge style of gaming still gets some smiles sadly... Or do you think you like to say "Oh, I spend some time with construction bricks!"? When I sit the whole time in front of a monitor, I really enjoy "gaming" without a computer in a way where I'm very unlimited what I like to create - and not in a way somebody prepared for me or made my limitations. Construction bricks - great stuff!

I love to build with my bricks and I buy needed parts on a regular basis to integrate them into a MOC, when I really have the need for spare time. And my brick constructions gave me some ideas for details in @CryptoCompany CEO.

ye lego is the best!

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