Rising Star update and the charts are hotting up!

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Introduction and news

We thought we would do another weekly update on what we are up to and how we are doing on Rising Star and with any news. The Love Bug Valentines crafting is still going on and Easter is nearly here! Not sure we will be able to keep up with all this seasonal crafting but there is always next year, when it will be available again!

What is really exciting is the testing of the new Pro Map and singles releases by the team. You can see here that the charts are on it and Bunga Bunga Reloaded is number one! What you can also see is there is going to be swap:hive rewards for the top singles too.

That last bit is important because that will be the third way we can earn Hive in the game, the leaderboard, Raves and when the Pro map is ready we will be able to get in the charts and earn! It is nice that Jux has created a good sustainable income over the last few years for the game and these rewards are funded!

Our progress so far

We are currently in position 20th on the leader board which is not good and we seem to be slipping down the rankings! However it is good news we now have crossed the 100k cards mark which we feel is quite an achievement! However we do need to get back to 15th so we might have to buy a few SB and cards to get there.

Favourite card for the week

Every week we will highlight our favourite card for the week. This week it is Nina, the PRO version. Now it is funny as we are only looking at this now and realise it does not have a funny dad joke or anything on it, thats how pro it is! No jokes, all business with the new pro cards. These are only available for a limited time and you have to blend 50 of the original cards and a fix it card making these rare and very limited in their print number, you gotta love it!

The Stick Up Boys tip for the week

This week our tip for newbies is that there are many ways to play the game and yes you might want everything now but you have to work your way up. We hear people moaning a bit in the discord that they cant access some parts of the game. Well some of the newer features are there for players that have been playing years, like any game new features open up to you when you play more. Well RS is like this and while you maybe able to buy levels through various ultimate ways you basically need to get back to the grind and get back in the rehearsal rooms before you can become a global mega star!

Our NFT records in the game

As musicians one of our favourite things is having our records in the game! You can buy our records as well as stake on them. This is an amazing thing for artists to get more exposure for their music and earn a few starbits. It is also a brilliant way for you to support artists on the blockchain! Here is our record suggestion for this week that you can go and buy now!

Our records are now only available for Legion LGN which is a new Bro token on the market, you can buy it on Hive Engine or delegate to our curator @stickupcurator to earn 15% APR paid to you daily in legion! Our newest record is this disco funk party song, so go get it and get ready for summer!

Start Playing

If you have not started playing Rising Star yet then you should as it is a great game and you can earn some crypto too! Here is the link


I would recommend joining the discord, it is a fun place and great for chatting to others about RS here is the link https://discord.com/invite/dbB6Jc7



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100K cards omg that huge

ye well we love Rising star lol

wow, I didn't know there was such a project on Hive. I'm gonna look into it later today. Thanks for sharing sir.

Oh it is a great game, deffo check it out and if you need anything just ask!

Sure thing sir. I guess they have a community and a discord right?

You must be killin' it out here!
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