I lost all my HIVE through LeoDEX. Whose fault was it?

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It's been over a week when I tried to withdraw all my SWAP.HIVE from Hive Engine.

Since Hive Engine charges a 1% withdrawal fee, I chose to withdraw it from LeoDEX. LeoDEX charges only 0.25% withdrawal fee. For poor people like me, every penny counts.

So I clicked the "Withdraw" button on LeoDEX and completed the transaction to withdraw 1057.068 HIVE vide transaction: https://he.dtools.dev/tx/a35bafbcb6d1671cf2a627910811aecace9aad8f


I've done this before too, without any problem. But this time, it seems I was taken for a ride! I didn't receive any Hive in my Hive wallet.

All my 1057 Hive were lost.
I couldn't believe this and thought that my transaction was probably delayed due to some technical issue. So I chose to wait.

...and I'm still waiting.

Do you think, there is any chance I can get my Hive or SWAP.HIVE back?

When I didn't receive any funds in my Hive wallet, I tried to get in touch with Leofinance team here:

Unfortunately, I didn't receive any response from the team.

Honestly speaking, I don't know anyone from Leo Finance team except @khaleelkazi

Is there anyone else whom I need to contact except @khaleelkazi? If you know of anyone who can help resolve this issue for me, do let me know.

Thanks for helping.

Yours truly
@Stupid as ever!

UPDATE dt. 31st January, 2021:

Thanks for everyone who helped to escalate my request and the LoeDEX team.
Today, I received my stuck funds in my Hive wallet:


@Stupid is happy to see her own wallet

Thanks again!


You should ask in their discord.

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I'll try to join Discord this weekend.

funny, you have time to create post and you have no idea where to contact in case of issue.

Did you used "Check liquidity" before executing your transaction?

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Well, I couldn't find any help or support centre on LeoDEX website. You know, I'm a @stupid! If you want to help, you can contact the team on my behalf. Would you?

I did check liquidity and it was about 70x more than my requirement. I also noticed transactions sent after mine being successfully executed. What else I needed to do?

It's Leochat in Leodex.io, that have Discord link. You need to navigate to #tech-support channel afterwards.

Discord Invite Link for your convenience

your case is dropped their Discord tech-support and tagging @gerber and @khaleelkazi here too.

Hope you get your fund soon.

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Thanks for all you did! I appreciate your efforts for helping the issue resolved in my favour. I received the HIVE in my wallet today.

Thanks Bud. that is awesome tip. I hope your Leo journey will be nice and without hiccups.

Glad it all worked out! Would have been a bit distressing to wait...

You scored the best account name by the way 😄

Hi @stupid, I have a concern just like yours, it seems leodex didn't return mine also and I couldn't get a hold of a valid invite link to leofinance's discord channel, seems that the link on their site is expired..

Here is the tx : https://he.dtools.dev/tx/74c757f773bf799110fa5fd14bc084dbfbd1a02a