He answered.

Again I didn't ask him. Once again his action only lead to confusion.

He lost my trust, I wouldn't ask someone who I don't trust.

Strange, he added the correct link.

With half a dozen or more different options....she just needs a basic account like mine so which option is that? It would be nice also to know where she could get enough rc delegated to get started.

Are you saying that you can't click one of those links and give her the option you choose? You can also delegate straight to her if you want through @peakd - but I think that if she gets one of those accounts from the list it will come with some small amount of RCs

Sounds like the blind leading the blind.

I didn't choose an option for Hive...I was transformed over I think Steemit when I joined was a bit more straight forward at the time and didn't have any additional options.

I guess forget it, it appears to much to just get a straight answer.

It is not too hard, you click on a link and have a look: