Earth2 PART 6: Resources

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Earth2 PART 6: Resources

It’s again quite some time ago since I’ve brought you some news from Earth2. Not that nothing is happening, it’s more a matter of lack of time to write about it. While writing this blog, I’m travelling from Belgium back to Mallorca again. These seem to be my best moments to write, lol.

Credit to my daughter Claudia for this picture

A few weeks ago a major change set in: we got to know which properties we’d find the first main resources on: Oil, Iron, Gold and Limestone. Weekly we got 1-2 new resources revealed, meanwhile we know where to find Bauxite, Nickel, Tin, Zinc, Copper and Silver. Thungston is about to get revealed in the coming week. What we’ll do exactly with these resources and how many we’ll need is the big question…

So the new milk cow for Earth2 is for people with FOMO buying new plots because they haven’t got (enough of) one or another resource? Yes, but not only. Since there’s a deadine of 17th August to build Holobuildings that will store backdated resources, a lot of people started to build a lot of Holobuildings speculating about the size (1000 m3 - building cost 1 USD - will be enough, but that’s all we know)

The Holo Editor is not really user friendly for a noob like me, so I decided to build just squares of 200 to 1200m3, which helped me finish a total of between 110 and 120 Holobuildings all over the Earth2 world.

To pay all of this I’ve changed part of my strategy and I started to sell jewels upgraded with Essence. Like this I’m burning part of my Essence before it gets launched, but at least I’m getting in some white balance to get a few new plots which will bring me some more resources and Holobuildings to store backdated resources. I hope it was worth it.

I regret that I haven’t been doing this a few weeks earlier, because than I could buy some of these T2 plots and convert them into T1. Rather than converting them we’ve been paying a bit more for them, using some red energy as well, but T1 land is definitely worth more than T2 land. On the other hand, I’d have to buy “blind” on resources or take plots which had the already revealed resources (and you can guess… these are already all over the place - see the differences in both High Frequency and Unknown Frequency between the first 4 and the last 4 revealed resources).

Meanwhile Cydroids keep on raiding, and as long as civilians are being kept alive with Red Energy, part of it is done automatically, which is always something good! To keep us busy, from now on we can slot jewels as well in our cydroids, so there’s more to come in a next blog!

*Credits for the pictures, except of the plain above Mallorca:


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