It Takes Two To Tango

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The expression “it takes two to tango” is a common idiom used to convey the concept that particular situations or issues require the involvement and cooperation of both parties to get it worked out.

This is something I've been noticing more lately, as it is becoming more evident that nothing really operates in isolation. There's always a level of interconnection.

Tango is a type of dance that originated from South America, characterized by expressive movements, which happens through a close embrace and complex footwork.

Essentially, I see tango as a medium of communication for shared responsibility and mutual benefit.

Because both parties in the dance have to coordinate their actions, listen to each other’s signals, and also adapt to the changing rhythm and mood of the music.

This post explores the idiom from a financial and social context, especially on situations in which it applies.

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Shared Responsibility And Mutual Benefit

Whether social or financial, negotiation is something that aptly applies to the expression above. Both sides have to sit on the negotiation table and work out an acceptable deal.

One of the main reasons why negotiation fails is the inability to reach a common ground. This may happen when the parties involved have a different expectation or interests.

It takes two to tango teaches us that it is the shared responsibility of both parties to create a mutually beneficial outcome in a negotiation.

Viewing negotiation as a zero-sum game, where one party's win is another party's loss is a wrong approach to take. A better approach is viewing it as a positive sum game, where both parties benefit from the agreement or outcome.

Perhaps, a couple who are going through a divorce may have to negotiate on various issues, such as child custody, alimony, property division etc.

If they view the negotiation as a zero-sum game, where they try to get as much as possible from the other party, they may end up in a bitter and costly legal battle that harms both of them plus their children.

Whereas viewing it as a positive-sum game, trying to find a fair and reasonable solution that meets both of their needs, reaching an amicable and peaceful settlement without any unnecessary drama. It takes two to tango in a divorce negotiation.

A company going through a financial crisis is akin to a sinking ship. Here, negotiation isn't always mandatory but it is usually advisable. Because how the company negotiates could be crucial on whether it sinks or not.

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A company is a complex structure involving investors, employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. Negotiating with these different entities from the lens of a zero-sum game could lead to lawsuits, strikes, boycotts, or a general loss of trust and reputation that could worsen the situation.

This was the case for Sears Holdings when it realized that the retail landscape is changing and it couldn't adapt to it.

A good contrast is Apple during the 2008 global financial crisis, when it faced a sharp decline in consumer spending and fierce competition from incumbents like Samsung and other smartphone makers.

True to their vision, the company focused on innovation and differentiation as a way to navigate through the crisis.

With this way, they created value and opportunities for all parties involved, especially with the launch of the iPhone 3G in 2008 and the iPad in 2010. The former introduced the App Store and the latter created a new category of tablet devices.

In Closing

The lone wolf usually suffers more than the pack during winter when food and shelter is hard to come by. If nothing operates in isolation, then nobody is an island and it takes reaching out to the other party to discover a whole new perspective to the situation or issue at hand.

From a social context, 'it takes two to tango' to start a tribe or build a community. Of course, this doesn't negate a fact that life is a solo game, in which we meet different players along the way.

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True life might be solo game but it's not meant to be played alone.

From birth to death, we will need people but the dig is.....will you meet the ones who will champion your course or seek your dowfall?

It takes two to tango is synonymous to the two palms washing itself to attain cleanliness. So whether in marriage, business or any other relationship, it's two that tango

Exactly, we have to cooperate to get anywhere, especially if we want to go far in life.

That's the risk of partnerships, it could always go either way and things may not always be apparent in the beginning. I think lessons can be learned in either direction.

This is the point of the matter, two hands are always better than one in many domains in life.

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You're welcome

Well said and beautifully put.
With two, one stands a very high chance to accomplish a set goal in good time too.

Although they all have their repercussions but what move doesn't.

Yes, indeed. There's more speed to get the job done sooner than if it is only one person doing it.

Right! Every move should be well calculated as there are consequences to it, some apparent and some not so. I think it's also what makes the future interesting, there's always surprises.

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Indeed there is.

The pleasure is mine💕

Nothing truly operates in isolation not even when we are winning alone and get to think we are doing it all by ourselves.
If we could acknowledge the other party's significance in our lives, the tango might turn out very beneficial.

Yes, indeed! In many cases, acknowledging the significance of the other party is a great way to work out a solution that's beneficial for all involved. It's akin to the concept of self-made, there's always external influences involved in the process of self-made.

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