10 Things That Will Be Gone By 2035

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Many of us look out into the future to try and determine where things are going. It is always fun to guess what is going to take place. What will be a part of society while estimating what will not.

Over the last couple decades we saw many changes that took place. It radically shifted how we interact. For example, at the turn of the century, we did not have smartphones. This introduced us to the concept of mobile computing. We also were not very advanced with our Internet usage, something that is not the case today.


Therefore, in this article I will spell out 10 things in our lives today that will be gone by 2035.

1. Physical Newspapers/Magazines

This is something that is already nearing the point of death. However, there are still many hanging on, mostly due to demographics. We see a lot of older people still prefer the physical item. This is something that is going to diminish as these people pass away.

While online versions will still be available, they will not carry the same clout as they do today. There is enormous competition online for attention and the traditional entities are losing the battle of the numbers.

2. Car Dealerships

The transportation industry is undergoing major changes right now. The biggest one that is evident is the switch to electric. This will be outpaced by the next major innovation: autonomous vehicles.

Here we will see a radical adjustment in how cars are sold. Tesla, Rivian, and newer companies are all selling direct. It is only a matter of time before the other manufacturers realize they have to follow suit. At the same time, if more vehicles end up in a robotaxi network, this will reduce the overall sales volume. None of this bodes well for the long-term outlook of traditional car dealerships.

3. Screens

We interact with the Internet in a 2 dimensional manner. Most everything we do is through some type of screen. This extends to our entertainment including television and films.

With the emergence of 3-D technologies, this is all going to change. The Internet will become spatial and mixed reality the norm. Hence we will encounter information and entertainment in a completely different manner.

Watching through a screen will be eliminated.

4. Copiers/Printers

This is something that was a mainstay for society the last 40 years. However, it is quickly dying off. Information is now digital, meaning the need to print and copy it is going by the wayside.

Businesses are creating information in digital form these days. That means any transmission and storage is done in that realm. While the coper replaced the pool of typists with carbon paper, software is going to replace the copier.

5. Toll Booths

We see these on most major highways. Here is another aspect of society that technology is already affecting.

Many governments are now taking pictures of license plates, then sending a bill for the tolls amassed. At the same time, we also see electronic passes which allow people to load up with money and use as a moving debit card.

Whatever the methodology, we will not have toll booths in the future.

6 Smart Phones

This is similar to screens but it does deserve its own category. It had one of the most profound impacts upon society so its demise will naturally affect it again.

We are merging with our technology. Not only will screens disappear but computing will cease to be something that is separate from us. Down the road, we are going to see the computational power on (or even in) us. Wearables will become the norm as our clothing, glasses, and even jewelry will have computational abilities.

7. Broadcast Television

This is another century old industry that is about to come crashing down. Here again we see the demographics involved. We are now in the age of streaming and applications which does not serve the broadcast television industry going forward.

More people are "cutting the cord", leaving cable operators increasingly dependent upon their Internet revenues. This does not feed into the traditional broadcast model. We see a lot more competition vying for our attention. The 2010s saw major damage placed upon this industry; the 2020s will just about kill it off.

8. Physical Keys

For centuries, this was a central aspect of the security of our property. The simple lock is what provided for access. Hence, the key was the ticket to entry.

As with many things, technology is appearing that is going to make this disappear. We are already seeing a variety of ways to access our different devices that do not utilize the physical key system. This is already extending to things such as cars. Not long, it will be the same with our homes and offices.

9. Bank Branches

This is the third area that I attribute most to demographics. There are still some business use cases but as the use of physical cash diminished, so does the need for bank branches.

We are already seeing closures starting to happen. This will accelerate as more people use online applications (even crypto). Much of the traditional banking business was diverted elsewhere. It is a move that will end up with the closure of the thousands of bank branches we see.

10. Death

This is done with a bit of levity. It is doubtful we will have immortality by 2035 (if ever). However, is likely that we will see our lifespans, on average, radically extended by that time.

For those who are younger, perhaps there is an overcoming of death in your lifetime. As for those of us who are a bit older, maybe we can squeeze out another decade or two of quality health.

So there it is. 10 things that will be gone by 2035.

Consider how this all will affect your lives, career, and investing opportunities.

What are your thoughts? Are there some others that stand out to you?

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Will national sovereignty exist in 2035?

How many nations will be there in 2035?

At some point the nation-states idea will cease to exist. I do not believe be 2035 they will be gone; perhaps 2075.

Nevertheless, nation-states do not fit into a networked world.

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I think it's interesting you mention screens and 3d reality. Just yesterday I posted on Twitter that I hope someone is making a vr game where you can earn crypto. It would be a win win situation.

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true l love it too but I'm more excited for augmented reality it will be to cool to play game with it

Posted via proofofbrain.io

AR likely will be mainstream before VR so I think the progress and development will be a lot quicker there. It is easier to pull off so I would believe companies will jump on app/game development soon.

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I think Decentraland will be one of the projects that launches something like this first but Splinterlands would already make a good VR or AR experience if the code was there.

I especially foresee a time when a Splinterlands player will be walking down the street in AR and encounter another player to throw down with on the spot. 😁

You are right. There are a ton of possibilities. I imagine that most games will end up in VR because, if they do not, they will be out. Which will be first? That is the fun part, trying to guess.

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Yea I agree!! So much fun :)

Just yesterday I posted on Twitter that I hope someone is making a vr game where you can earn crypto.

I am not sure what is being developed now but we will see crypto all throughout the Metaverse. It will be the currency (along with NFTs for ownership) that is utilized.

So if it is not being developed now, it soon will be.

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I can't wait!

Here are a few more I thought of:

  • light switches
  • remote controls
  • physical ids, cards etc. (YOU will be the id - either directly or through a chip - already working in China via smartphone)
  • physical money

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I agree and physical money and light switches are most likely to be gone soon

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Good additions. You are most likely correct on those.

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Funny you mention broadcast television, we actually cancelled our all-in one and switched to just internet and got a separate "tv" app subscription that just streams like netflix, disney whatever. Didn't watch much tv anymore anyway and this is way more convenient and less costly (big price hike at cable company).

Another thing is I still like a bit of casual gaming evey now and again but console prices are crazy these days. Got a Google stadia controller and Chrome cast to stream games from server so I don't have to deal with downloads, installation, equipment costs, defects, upgrades etc etc. It's not flawless at the moment and hardcore gamers probably won't be satisfied. But for someone who just wants to play a bit from time to time it's extremely convenient and rather cheap.

So my point is actually we might not actually be wearing a lot of computational power on our body but rather just enough to be able to communicate and connect with devices/servers/ the network something like that.

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There are a lot of advancements such as you mention. It seems like something small but when you consider it, they are really huge. And that is what causes industries to collapse overnight often.

The build up goes unnoticed but ends when things hit a point where margins are just crushed. When more money exits, the industry get weaker.

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Screens is an interesting one. Yes, I agree screens will go away. In some ways, I see AR as facilitating a move towards the past, in a sense.

For example, with AR (glasses or contacts or implants) we can be reading a book that seems to us to be as the old physical books used to be. Sit in an easy chair by the fire and flip through a book, as old. The actual book is just nothing more than a 3-d image provided to us by AR, but the feeling will be much the same as it was a hundred years ago.

Now maybe not, maybe we will just have instant access to the information via the microchip in our heads that gives us immediate internet access. But at least until we prefect the microchip/brain connection, I think AR and related technologies may have our future looking a lot like our pre-computer past.

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A huge amount of possibilities.

Imagine cooking and needing to follow a recipe and it is a virtual image on your counter. Or how about doing online shopping yet it is not a website but aisles you go down just like in the physical world except you are at home.

Think of how this will upend the entertainment industry and Hollywood.

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I think headbands with electrodes are more likely that actual surgical implants..., although I can definitely picture a f**king USB port at the base of my skull. 🤣

I wish that death think come true how don't want to live long

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This is done with a bit of levity. It is doubtful we will have immortality by 2035 (if ever).

We already have it. What people call "death" is actually a transition. The physical, human bodies are not us. We lived before we was born on Earth, and we will continue to live after our physical, human bodies dies.

Look for the Near-Death Experience (NDE) term for more information.

obviously but I was referring to our physical. biological form.

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it is possible i have seen people who have lived to 130 years of age

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Who knows what will e around still yet most on the list I would say definitely only for the 1st world countries though. Africa is like living 30 years behind the rest of the world and only if there is a hand out are they interested in progressing. The death thing is not a good idea for now anyway as even prolonging life for everyone would create too many issues.

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Being 30 years behind allows Africa to leapfrog a lot of the intermediate technologies the West has to go through. It is something that we saw with the Internet. Africa went straight to mobile.

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In some ways yes I can see that, but in general they are still building coal fired power stations and they can't even get that right. The shortage of electricity is worrying as we are having scheduled power outages again this week.

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This list is up for grab.
There could be more.
Car dealership should be gone now cause they ripped you off.
The last one will happen in another way like you explain, people will
live longer due to medical experience.
Now I will be glad to read top 10 that will take place within

Can't wait to read it.


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10 Things That Will Be Gone By 2035:

  1. Freedom
  2. Dignity
  3. Choice
  4. Prosperity
  5. Privacy
  6. Liberty
  7. Self Expression
  8. Independence
  9. Love
  10. Life

Hope not, but "choice" of what kind of car can you get will be realy out. Very sad...

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I believe everything on this list will be redefined and solidified.

Sad outlook.

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I just get down every time I encounter someone who thinks that climate change or Covid-19 is a real problem. The real problem is a lack of freedom in this world.

I can get down over countless things for as many reasons, but I can get just as excited about plenty more so I'm trying not to waste my precious fuck budget on bullshit I can't change. 😁

I hope death won't be eradicated by 2035. I don't want to see the global warming go on forever.

Eternal or even very extended life probably depends on what we actually are. If we are just complex biological machines and consciousness is nothing more than a side effect of that complexity, then sure our lives can probably be extended endlessly. But if consciousness is outside us, a soul/spirit or atman, then no, it seems unlikely that science can extend our lives. Hmm... but maybe in attempting to do so, we will finally discover proof or what we actually are. It will be very interesting to watch.

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Even if we are outside of our biological bodies, the extension of that is possible while keeping in contact with consciousness, which is non-locality. Of course, there is the digital physics view that we will be able to supersede our biology and live forward without this physical entity.

but maybe in attempting to do so, we will finally discover proof or what we actually are. It will be very interesting to watch

Perhaps our research in quantum will aid in this discovery.

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Dont worry by 2035 global warming will be just a memory.

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What did Elon say? I would rather an optimist an wrong than a pessimist right. But the signs are not good for being climate change a memory by than.

Printers are already dead imo or they should be in a matter of a few years. Curious about how death will be gone. Highly interesting times ahead.

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The paper printers may vanish or be execlusive or something. But printers in general are still necessary. I don't want to bend metal with a hammer.
We will print more things in the future.

I think he was referring to paper printers. The material printers are just getting started so their timeline is much longer. When nanotechnology advances, then additive manufacturing will be on the downslide. That is decades away before we even have working conceptions of that.

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they are still used but rarely I do have 3d printer which I use more

Posted via proofofbrain.io

It is a mature industry that is in decline. It will take a while to clear out. The retirement of the baby boomers and the advancement of the millennials in the corporate world is going to shake that up. The later is not going to put a printer on every desk.

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Given that average life expectancy has been gradually declining in first world coumtries for over 20 years, and healthy lifespan expectancy is declining rapidly, #10 is about as likely as rockets to Mars...

The one I find most interesting is number 10, this is something that many are looking for with great eagerness.

Some go to the extreme of participating in rituals with the blood of young people, with the firm belief that they will have a little more life,

And that's just to cite one of hundreds of examples.

It will be interesting to see how science and technological advances can prolong life!

Posted via proofofbrain.io

There is no doubt the longevity movement is picking up steam. Where will it be in 2035? I have a feeling more advanced than today but still not to the point where everyone has life extension therapies. That said, we might see some being rolled out by them which could have some marginal impacts on adding years to lives. It will depend upon how much money is tossed into research during this decade. If the wealthy techno people start pouring in billions, we might see some advancement.

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I think if STEM cell therapy becomes routine healthcare, along with an actual healthy regiment of vitamins and supplements catered to one's specific physiology from birth we could see very significant increases in life extension right now.

Is the Toll Booths not still existing if your license plate is scanned or you have subscription and authorize it in different form?
The people who currently running those will change!

Depends upon how define toll booth. To me it is a physical structure with a person in it or an automated machine.

What we are seeing is the placement of cameras on poles. If you still define that as a booth, then I guess you cross it off the list. I, however, do not consider that anymore than I consider the camera on a light post to be it.

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Does this include 3D printers? I think you are probably mentioning normal printers/copiers.

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No. That is paper printers. Additive manufacturing is just getting started and will not be on the decline until we see major advancements decades down the road with nanotechnology and molecular assemblers. I view 3-D printers as the predecessor to that.

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Would love to see how the screens get replaced. See a lot of those in Sci-Fi movies.

By 2035, We might also be seeing teleportation becoming real :-)

Posted via proofofbrain.io

By 2035, We might also be seeing teleportation becoming real :-)

Depends upon what you mean. If you are talking digital/virtual, perhaps. But if you mean that you physical are shipped from one place to the next ala Star Trek, I wouldnt bet on it by 2035. Or 2055. Or possible 2075.

The prevailing "wisdom", for what it is worth today, is that teleportation will come about by utilizing wormholes. How we do that, good luck figuring that one out.

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Don't blame me. I watch too much movies :-)

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Sci Fi is where a lot of science and technology ends up coming from. Science needs the philosophers because they start pointing things in a direction. Science they follows through on the thought.

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For those who are younger, perhaps there is an overcoming of death in your lifetime.

Overcoming death? How's this possible? Is it being worked on already?

The television broadcasting industry is going to be hit hard no doubt as entertainment gravitates towards streaming.

Newspapers are already boring to me!

3D technology is something I should start looking into and educate myself on, you really don't want to be left behind in our advancing world like we are experiencing with cryptocurrency/blockchain technology.

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Overcoming death? How's this possible? Is it being worked on already?

There is the longevity movement which believes we can cure aging. It is in its infancy now but some are attracted to the idea of immortality. Of course, this is nothing new for humans. However, some are considering the possibility of digital immortality.

We see an entire area of debate and discourse surrounding this. We will see how things unfold. Some believe that we will reach longevity escape velocity by 2030-2035 which means we are adding more than a year to the average age for each 12 months that passes.

It is all speculation and hypothetical at this point so we will have to see where we stand in 5 or 7 years. We might get to the end of this decade and the consensus is we are still a decade or more away from it.

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I am an old guy, but I still hope to be alive in 2035, when I will be 86.

I do not believe that any of these 10 things will completely disappear in 2035, in North America, or elsewhere.
Most people always think that things change faster than they really do.

I predict that even broadcast television, car dealerships, and bank branches will not have completely disappeared in 2035. There will probably be fewer of them, and they will probably evolve, but they will not completely disappear.

And I will still watch Netflix on a big screen.

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People these days should look at the predictions made in the 1950s or 1980s. Where's the flying cars? Where's my Mr. Fusion? The most glaring change since the 1980s is that Russia has become less like the Soviet Union and the rest of us have become more like the Soviet Union.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Really? How many people were walking around with mobile phones in the 1980s? Or were able to communicate with most anyone in the world for free or near free? Were you at the library doing research?

The idea you convey is really abusrd.

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In 2007 would you have said that video cassette rental stores were going to be gone in 5 years? Did you see film cameras dying within 7 years? How about the end of the beeper?

Did you see the retail apocalypse coming in 2010? And the only reason a lot of things are still hanging around is because we have an environment that allows for zombie companies.

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In 2007 would you have said that video cassette rental stores were going to be gone in 5 years?

Considering that I never bought a video cassette or a VCR and that I bought my first DVD player in 1998, yes, in 2007 I could have told you that the days of renting video cassettes were ending soon. In 2007 Netflix started video streaming and the Internet speed was increasing, I would have said that renting DVDs or Blurays was a dying business.

Did you see film cameras dying within 7 years?

In 2007, I already have bought my second digital camera. No, I would not have predicted film cameras dying in 7 years, and in fact, they did not totally die and if you check the Wikipedia article on "Photographic film", there are still a number of companies selling these over the world, and there is a "renewed interest" in photographic films.

How about the end of the beeper?

I have never believed in the pager for the general public. And there are still commercial pagers nowadays, in the medical sector for example.

Did you see the retail apocalypse coming in 2010?

The so-called "retail apocalypse", which is rather a slow decrease of retail stores, in particular, department stores, is not the complete disappearance of retail stores.

And the only reason a lot of things are still hanging around is because we have an environment that allows for zombie companies.

Who are "we" and what are these "zombie companies".

If you are telling us that the government should not keep afloat companies that are guaranteeing to fail in the future, then I agree with you. It is better to help temporarily the workers until they are able to have a decent life.

I was not trying to attack you and I am not saying that you are totally wrong. But for most categories, they will not completely disappear, in my opinion.

After discussing with my brother (who is 2 years older than myself), he convinced me that toll booths will have in fact disappeared in 2035.

As I have already seen in Florida and in BC, tolls will be collected with a combination of the two systems you described, with a reduce toll for the prepaid systems.

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6 Smart Phones

When google glass came up I thought it was the end of smartphones, but google glass was not successful. There is microsoft HoloLens too, but it looks like they are focusing on the corporate market.

I think what will replace the smartphone will be the Smart Contact Lens.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

It could be.

Do not forget Google Glass was one of those technologies ahead of its time. There wasnt really the bandwidth at that time. Computer power has come a long way since then.

We do need a lot of advancement in the VR/AR realm before it even comes close to mainstream.

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Very interesting article and a good read. The one I am unsure of is the printers. My husband is a carpenter and when he builds houses he needs to print the blue print for the house very large for himself and his employees to be able to read the plans properly. I also know other areas of construction where there is the need for large paper plans. There is no way around it. You cannot read them properly on a phone screen. So unless there is 3D technology out (and my husband and others are willing to use it/have it and can afford it) where they can see the plan in front of them enlarged, printers will stay. My thought is that like with most things before they become main stream, only the people who can afford these "luxuries" will have them. (Like 3D screens for example), it will take longer than fifteen years in my opinion for some of these items to become either obsolete or mostly obsolete because the middle class and lower will need to wait for prices to come down and for to be left no choice but to have to be "forced" to use the new technology. Pay grade definitely affects these things and how they take over, come about etc. Look at the flip phone for example. You can still buy them new for about $70.00 in Canada. You can also still buy cd players, dvd players, and even vhs movies and vcr's etc. Some buy them for nostalgia, others because it is what they can afford and others because of a choice for their life. Will they ever truly go away, or will there always be the manufacturer looking to make the money the large companies bypass. I personally use a flip phone, for emergencies only, for when I am walking the dog and driving my car. I do not own any other type of cell phone and have a landline (and I highly doubt there will come a time where I won't be able to have a landline but time will tell, one would think it would have happened by now). Now some might say they are "dragging" me with them because I am not using an iphone and so I am more dependant in some ways on my society and the people around me. But is that really a bad thing? My point, is that there will always be people who prefer the lesser technology for more human/humane contact in their world and there will always be people who cannot afford it and there will always be people who cannot afford it and there will always be a manufacturer for it. So completely obsolete, I disagree, but mainstream definitely (for some of the items on the list).

Posted via proofofbrain.io

being posted on a blockchain the thought "which (major) cryptocurrencies will be gone in 10 years" comes as well ;)

People love their smart phones man, it will take some super amazing tech to unglue them from those freaking screens :)

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It will. But when you look at some of the stuff with AR/VR, it will be a way to pry them away. There has to be something that people embrace over it. Some of what will unfold in the next decade will make phones look like it is ancient.

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since I already wear glasses I'm all in for AR as long as it's not super expensive

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I was waiting to see Banks 🏦 and I found it in the 9th point. I understand banks will survive but only or almost fully digital ones.

The one with branches are closing them like crazy and it costs them so much money to do so, it is truly scary.

New actors have a competitive advantage (which is rare when you try to take over an industry). They are usually digital native, have very low fixed costs (compare to old banks) and understand the needs of millennials and upcoming generations.

Therefore the Revolut, N26, Coinbase, Binance and even Robinhood have a bright future ahead of them.

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Therefore the Revolut, N26, Coinbase, Binance and even Robinhood have a bright future ahead of them.

Until they are usurped by even more desirable technology. Do not overlook the fact that, in this arena, the predator becomes the prey. Look at Walmart. Destroyed tons of businesses only to come under assault themselves. Same with Blockbuster.

Legacy systems can be a hindrance on a company moving forward. Look at GE.

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Indeed, but Walmart as Microsoft are counter example as they were on the brick to disappear and made a U-Turn and manage to stay at the top of their respective sectors despite being attacked by new companies and business models.

Adapting is key as in the nature 😄.

Have a great morning

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Hello @taskmaster4450

The delivery work will disappear, first because the truck will run alone, and another because some deliveries of goods will be by drones.

Could be. I am not sure if drone technology will be specialized enough by 2035. They will be much further along but it will be hard to pinpoint things. It could be the norm by 2035, but I wouldnt say there is a great chance of that.

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I had seen a news story that Amazon was going to start the test of delivering goods using electric drones that in the beginning would be up to 24 km, and transporting packages weighing up to 2.3 kilograms in a maximum of 30 minutes. And that soon, it would be making autonomous deliveries all over the world.

So I thought to myself if fashion catches on, everyone would adhere to this service.

But you are right, because there is still a long way to go for this to work.

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I am not sure with 9 of them .. but one of them I am sure is totally wrong and have to replace it .. printed newspapers, magazines ands books will (always) exist as long as we have a kind of civilization .. and I would replace this by the "year 2034" which surely will not exist anymore in 2035 !

@taskmaster4450, I add here...

I believe that paper money will cease to exist,
the firearms will be lasered as if it were a shock induction.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Should Death be dealt it's mortal blow then I'd welcome the same to Taxes.

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Wow.... Cool, I love this write up.
A very good one

pretty good and realistic (except for 10) list!

I see government debt didn’t make the list ...

Oh, that brings me to number 11. US Social security funds.

Techno tech always upgraded. Cyber punk 😎

Maybe it is rather my wish, but I won't see an end of your point #4 Copiers/Printers... When I don't see my work on paper, I have quite a few mistakes when submitting it.

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I tend to agree, although some of those trends might be postponed or even reversed in case of cataclysmic unforeseen events like wars, pandemics or natural catastrophes.

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Am trying to imagine how the world will be in 2035 I do not get a clear picture, but I think life will be very harder for the people who do not believe in blockchain technology.

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  1. Physical Newspapers/Magazines
  2. Copiers/Printers

That won't happen in Germany at least. Here they even give newspapers for free. And paper letters are still considered an official document, not a PDF document sent by email. I don't think that will change in the next 12 years although who knows. With everything that is going on right now it might ... although I don't think so.

  1. Death

I don't think this is going to happen. It can't happen. Ask Rockefeller what good did the six heart transplants he received during his lifetime to him? He lasted only 101 years in the end. So much for the science (and today's science seems more like religion than real science). And then we also have Mother Nature who put a limit to life for a reason. In my case, I think the reason is to make live interesting to live. If you know you are going to run out of something you are going to try to make the most of it, don't you think? And the life that passes by is not recovered, that's why you have to live it to the fullest (or that's my idea).

Posted via proofofbrain.io

May you Live Long Bro :ppppp

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I havent seen a toll booth for more than a decade. But i have seen a few video rental stores trying their best to hang on..

Posted via proofofbrain.io

I do agree with you with "Physical Newspapers/Magazines" and "Toll Booths". They seem to be a little bit outdated even right now. I am really curious if they disappear in near future.

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I doubt magazines will ever go away. Every time I go into Chapters (a popular book store in Canada) it is packed and their magazine section has about 200 options. My son who is seventeen loves magazines, has a subscription to a gun magazine and loooooves it when national geographic comes out with their special editions. We just recently purchased one all about the moon. He is seventeen. I also had a magazine subscription for when I ran a dayhome and the children couldn't wait to check the mail each month for the new addition for me to read it to them. I know multiple mothers who have subscriptions for their children or themselves. So if their love for magazines passes onto their children.... they will stay. If it was up to my son he would probably have about 50 subscriptions right now lol

Posted via proofofbrain.io

I see that you like to make home made cards, would like to see what you do.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Sure thing! I do not have everything up yet, but soon. Here is the link to my hivelist store! :) https://hivelist.store/shop/ajacreatescards/

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Oops, sorry I accidentally posted that under my husbands account. Rest assured, this is unicorn-tamer haha it happens sometimes.

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Shopping malls will also disappear. The future model will be with meha buildings where people share housing, education, offices, hotels although they will be more like
Airbnb type. In these buildings will be the stores including recreational facilities and supermarkets.

What do you think about physical art, will it cease to exist with NFTs? I think physical art will always exist, especially for the artist. Nothing can replace the feeling with paints and brushes.

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Hi I like your post. I see that newspapers and magazines are on their way out, not sure about tv. I so enjoy watching tv. I do see that myself I watch more shows that are streamed now, so you may be right. I is my hope that we can all have long lives, only time will tell.

What about a standing military? Between drones and the abundance to eschew humans I think the number of troops will diminish rapidly, if they aren’t already.

Edit: I'd be interested in your take on the impact and ripple effect this will have on the military industrial complex and governments seated above them.

3D is nice, but it's still not going to be the norm for a long time.

You might be right but, if I were a betting man, I wouldnt bet on that. We saw how quickly the smart phone took over. The "expert" opinion is that mixed reality will be mainstream by 2025-2027. Even if they are off, it is still a long way from 2035.

There's still something nice about having a book or magazine in your hand, especially if we're talking about things that could be collectors items.

That is akin to saying that music is still in physical form since people still have record collections. Of course, collectibles are going to always be around. However, few would claim that music is not digital/streaming today in spite of the collectibles that exist.

Interesting project.

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