Another State Passes Crypto Friendly Law

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Add New Hampshire to the list of states that have crypto friendly laws.

In this video I discuss how this is starting to tip things in the pro-crypto favor. On its own it does not change things a great deal. That said, each one is adding to the growing list.

Here is the article mentioned in the video:

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Fantastic work and I can see crypto becoming more mainstream. Europe is threatening to take more legal action against dodgy operators. Luna collapse made it clear there needs to be more friendly laws so people know what to do.

Whenever government gets its hands into something it usually just mucks it up sadly. They don’t care about people only to protect their own interests.

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Politicians are legally bribed. No other way to look at it.

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Shady operators should be targeted. I have no problem with that. Of course, most places do not need more regulation since fraud is already on the books and can be used.

Unfortunately, they just want to keep adding to the pile.

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Interesting, I wonder how the live free or die state is going to go about this. I’ll have to read about it, living in New England and all!

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Well at this point, I dont care about anyone's politics as long as they step in for crypto. That can only help.

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It's a great thing to see but do you expect a fight between the federal government and the states? I am seeing way more fighting over this and the laws themselves might conflict with each other.

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There is always a fight between the Feds and states. It is like with the pot issue, states just started legalizing it.

This always comes down to power.

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Yes, I am adding New Hampshire to my list. Thanks!

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It keeps expanding (the list).

Interesting to see them go that way while New York takes the opposite approach.

Could decisions like these be fatal to some states? Time will tell.

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Never anticipated that New York would be hostile. Earlier I thought, NY aims to be a crypto hub.

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Ahhhh New York.... it makes me mad!

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