Tesla Risking The Entire Company On Robotaxis? Not!!!

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Many are claiming that Tesla is betting the entire future of the company on robotaxis. This is coming out after the recent layoff announcements and Elon's statement of restructuring the company.

In this video I discuss how the assertion that the risk of the company is misguided. To achieve this end means ignoring other things that are taking place which already generate profits.

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I really hope you don't have too many $TSLA shares, I do not have faith in their long-term success at all. I really do think that for Tesla to succeed in the long term, they have to get rid of Elon and most of the senior management and really refocus on quality and manufacturing a profitable $25K EV.

Actually do not have enough.

This is one of the leading AI companies there is.

I do not have faith in their long-term success at all

We shall see. That is what make markets. However, from a technological standpoint, Tesla is positioned very well.

I'm definitely super curious to see how it all pans out.

Since people are still trying to make sense and explain the recent layoffs. This is just one of the conclusions they ended up with. Since it was the latest announcement before the layoffs, I can see why. But seeing as how Tesla has been trying to spread to different industries and technologies, I don't think they're putting all their eggs on just robotaxis.