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RE: Introducing LeoBridge: Permissionless Cross-Chain Swaps ERC20 -> BEP20

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Congratulations on finally rolling this out. It was a long journey I am sure. It is great to see the result of all this time and effort.

CubFinance is something that, like Leofinance, is starting to shape up. Long-term outlook is vital for all this. Projects are not built overnight. Development takes time, especially when doing something more than copy/paste.

Outside of slippage and gas fees, LeoBridge takes a 0.25% swap fee. This swap fee is sent to the Cub treasury and 100% of the fee is utilized to buy/burn CUB and bLEO using the same structure as Cub Finance vault revenue.

  • 80% of the swap fee burns CUB
  • 20% of the swap fee burns bLEO

If LeoBridge becomes a huge success, this is going to eat up a lot of tokens. Remember, LEO is already very tight in terms of the circulating supply. And CUB could quickly find itself in that same position.

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I have personally tried sending USDT (ERC-20) to BSC and there are so many steps in between, it's crazy! I can handle the high GAS fees on ETH's side (not always) but the inconvenience is unbearable. It's time consuming as well. This bridge is a savior for those who want to get into ETH to BSC.

And yes, we might see a huge amount of capital flowing from ETH's end. This will reduce the substantial amount of CUB & bLEO tokens. We can expect a spike in the price in the upcoming months as more people start using the bridge.

I am interested to see this bridge marketed by Leo Finance team among existing ETH and BSC users. Let's get those eyeballs rolling towards CUB.

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Remember, LEO is already very tight in terms of the circulating supply.

There's no doubt about that, very obvious and healthy for the token

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There could be a lot of funds coming over the bridge from ETH. $500 worth of LEO will be burned and $2000 worth of CUB for every $1,000,000 that comes over the bridge. That can add up quick considering the low marketcap both tokens respectively have, and how many millions could cross the bridge!

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I did not figure out the $ amounts but that is terrific. It sounds like a lot but a millions dollars in transaction is really not a lot of money when you think about it. Considering there are billions on Ethereum, that is a drop in the bucket. And more is being generated every day on there like everywhere else.

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the 18 million TVL could double in a day with ETH bridging over

These are very good points.

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