The AI Race Is Heating Up

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First we had ChatGPT.

For much of 2022, this was the undisputed king.

Then Elon Musk brought out Grok and his fanboys went wild about how advanced it was in comparison to the amount of training. Many feel this has great potential since it can be trained using the data from Twitter.

Now we see Google release Gemini. Some are saying this is even most advanced technology in this realm we have seen. The fact there are three levels that are going to be integrated into the different Google products is exciting people.

Do not be surprised if Amazon comes out with an announcement regarding Claude, which is purchased for $3 billion.


Users Win

There is a lot of talk about who is going to win this race. There are a lot of companies vying for the title.

However, my view is that the users are the ones who will benefit. Like most technologies, the more platforms this is integrated into, users will gain more access.

If this the best path for humanity? We know how this works and we are feeding these companies even more data. That said, we do get some benefit from the advancement.

So where does the technology stand?

At this point we are still dealing with a mystery. ChatGPT 5 is not released although it is believed to be revolutionary. Gemini only put out a portion of what it will do, with more features being added to the rest of it applications in 2024.

Grok is still in the very early stages so it is hard to size up what we are dealing with there. Then we have Amazon starting to integrate Claude. This is a new acquisition so we have to give them some time to get things transferred over.

What we can say is that, what is offered is going to be more powerful in 6 months as compared to now.

This is to the benefit of humanity.


We are dealing with technology which means that some constants are in place.

The first is that, over time, it will get less expensive. The infrastructure these systems run upon will get less expensive. These will, at worst, follow the laws of Information Technology. Add in progress made in terms of software architecture and improving the data fed in, and we could see more radical advancements.

Another tendency with technology is that it pushes its way towards free (or near free). While it is not going to happen in a year, we can expect a 5-10 years shift. This means it will be abundant as we see it pushed into more platforms. In other words, we can expect this technology gets incorporated into most of what we do online.

Over the last 40 years, we saw a lot of technologies that started out expensive and primitive. As newer iterations came out, the functionality (and quality) improved while the cost dropped. This is a path we presume these chatbots will take.

Open Source Options

At some point, I think the open source realm has to get into the game. From what I can tell, this is still prohibitive although lowering costs might help. Of course, this brings up the point of data. Public blockchains might help with this although they are a long way from providing much of anything.

This, naturally, is likely to change over the Next 5 years. As more is moved to Web3, we can see developers start to scape the data and feed it into their algorithms.

The question is where things stand by the time that can happen. We can see the progress by the major technology companies. If we see the present pace maintained, it will be unreal where we are in even a couple years.

Whatever the path all this takes, we can expect it to be very interesting. It is likely we get announcements on a monthly basis. There are a lot of players in this game including the unmentioned Facebook which is working on their own technology.

It is going to be a wild ride.

What is Hive

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I am bearish on AI-related companies/chains for the short term. AI breakthroughs are coming in waves. When deep artificial neural networks became popular in 2010, many important problems, such as image recognition, voice recognition, and translation, were solved satisfactorily. We witnessed the spread/perfection of these models throughout the 2010s.

Last year, Generative AI became popular thanks to ChatGPT and Midjourney.

As time progresses, the frequency of the waves becomes shorter. However, I think the Generative AI wave is priced in. I would ignore AI coins until a new wave occurs in a few years.

Advances in AI are leading to digital becoming even more popular. This situation is bullish for crypto.

Users will continue to have more and better options for utilizing AI as the race continues to heat up. I think next year will be another wild ride with numerous developments in the AI field.

Yes a year is a good time guess. It will be an interesting 2024 in this field.

Different companies bringing up their own version. But the most beneficiaries are the end user because they are the first to gain access to this technologies. It might end up becoming free, due to the different version coming Onboard.

What we can say is that, what is offered is going to be more powerful in 6 months as compared to now.