Tesla: A Major Disruptive Force

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There is a choice each organization has to make: do you want to be the disruptor or the disrupted?

With how things are progressing, there is no other option.

In this video, I discuss how history is littered with companies that were in industries that were transitioning when they didnt;. We can look at video, music, communications, photography, and finance to see how this unfolds.

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Being the disruptor is a fine motivation, but they still have to maintain a certain level of quality. Recalling every Cybertruck today because the accelerator pedal can get stuck on the carpet is a great example of the lack of Quality Control in the Tesla manufacturing process. To be a disruptor you have to do things smarter AND better than the competition.

There are so many examples of wildly inconsistent quality issues across the Tesla product line. This has to be addressed immediately if they are going to survive (and I hope they do).

I don't argue about their disruptive role but they should try to hang on a particular point to help others level in

tesla will take over the world? tesla > blackrock?

I can see how it is good for Tesla to try and be the disruptor, but I am a bit concerned that they might be spreading themselves too thin. They are working on their cars, FSD, Robotaxi, and AI just to name a few. I know they can be in different departments, but they also recently laid off people, and their truck is being recalled.