Tesla Energy: Zuckerberg Talks AI And Energy

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Mark Zuckerberg, in an interview, discussed the future bottleneck of AI and it isnt the processors. It is energy.

In this video I discuss how Tesla Energy is going to become a more important component of the business. It will all come down to production since the demand is going to be there.

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i realized you really love tesla O.O

That what this channel is about.

we need a tesla community just for u hehe

The advancements in nuclear fusion over the last few years could change the entire scenario when it comes to energy. My 'guess' is that there will be quantum computing nuclear fusion powered AI within the next decade or two.

That certainly could be the case. Fusion is long promised, short on delivery...so far.AI ceiling via energy will hit long before fusion is the answer.

It is going to be interesting to watch how things evolve.

I guess that is something that I underestimated. The power requirements of these GPUs and servers are going to be huge. I'm hoping this paves the way to push for nuclear energy. Alternative sources won't cut it, and the price would be too much. People were pointing at BTC miners for their power usage, but this could dwarf those.

Yeah BTC is going to be nothing. The same with electric vehicles.

When they see what these different forms of AI take hold, we are going to see a massive demand on energy.