Why Tina Turner Gave Up US Citizenship

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Speaking during a CNN interview in 1997, Tina Turner explained how “Europe has been very supportive of me” and joked, “I’m as big as Madonna in Europe”.

Turner, who moved to Switzerland in the mid-1990s and obtained Swiss citizenship in 2013, was arguably the most prominent resident in recent years. She voluntarily relinquished her US citizenship, driven by her deep connection to Switzerland but also potentially by the desire to avoid the legal complexities associated with US tax regulations.

However, are these the only reasons? In today's video, Andrew delves into all the factors that might prompt someone to contemplate leaving their homeland, including love, career, and lifestyle considerations.

00:00 Start
00:26 Why Tina Turner left The US
3:08 Are Taxes the Main Reason for Renouncing?
5:23 What Were the Main Factors of Her Move?
8:25 How to Become a Better Version of Yourself
12:40 How Can You Find Great Success?
14:22 What Happens When You Don't Belong There Anymore?

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