PIA Privatization And Its Impact On Price

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A huge shocking news for the Pakistan stock investors which is that PIA which is Pakistan International Airport is going to be privatized.

This is a worrying moment for the investors because the government is no more to hold PIA as its custody and and its great assets because they can't afford the expenses and other maintenance of this company

Pakistan government is forced to sell the PIA to any private company so that they can manage all of their needs and maintenance.

Now the question is what will be happen if the PIA share will Be privatized whether the price will go up or down.

This is the question which every stock investor is looking for the answer.

It is obvious that when any Asset is under the custody of government it have more security and reliability. But once it is given to any private company it security will be removed and there's no more guarantee of the prices.

But the positive point for being privatized is that the private company will surely work hard for the development of the company because they have involved their private money.

Therefore they will work for the betterment of this company and this will surely improve the companies and the maintenance.

According to my thinking, PIA share will move in price upside and will give a good return to all those investors who are invested in this share.


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