Comparing Tribe Curation Rewards

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Curation rewards vary dramatically tribe to tribe. One factor is if the tribe is linear rewards but the most important factor is how much stake is voting. The tribes I know that use linear rewards are leo, stem, pob, cine, ctp, and vibes. The rest I believe are some type of curve that prioritizes earlier voters.

That being said, you can use my Hive Engine Tools to calculate curation rewards for the top curators in each tribe. I think you will be surprised at how much they vary.

Leo Finance (Linear Rewards) - ~17.26% APR

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.06.25 PM.png

STEMGeeks (Linear Rewards) - ~127.67% APR

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.11.46 PM.png

POB (Linear Rewards) - ~515.46%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.14.26 PM.png

Pal - ~0.51%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.17.17 PM.png

Cine - (Linear Rewards) ~159.76%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.19.54 PM.png

Archon - ~76.44%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.21.08 PM.png

Vibes (Linear Rewards - ~202.64%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.23.22 PM.png

CTP (Linear Rewards) - ~38.53%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.25.06 PM.png

Splinterlands Talk - ~16.52%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.26.59 PM.png

As you can see each tribes potential curation rewards vary greatly. These are just one sample from each of the tribes of large stake holders, and may vary based on how efficiently they use their voting power. To put things in perspective, most curators on Hive earn 8-10% APR in curation rewards.

If you want to check if a tribe is Linear Rewards, you can use the Tribe Config tool under Hive Engine Tools.

Curation rewards will vary as more users start or stop actively voting in a community. Hard Fork 25 brings major changes to curation on Hive and will likely greatly shift the typical curation rewards for the average user.

Participating in tribes can be quite lucrative, but keep in mind they usually have low liquidity and it is frequently difficult to sell tokens without quickly reducing the price. All calculations assume selling at the bid price and not the ask resulting in a more accurate representation typical for someone selling tribe tokens.

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A little off topics, is it possible/ would you be up for coding to pull in what my vote value is across all tribes? Result would show token value plus maybe $ value however $ value really isn't needed and might add to the demand and complexity.

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I actually have this on the list of things I wanted to make public. I just haven't gotten around to it. I am out of town for a while so I won't be able to work on it anytime soon. I'll try to ping you if I remember if I do.

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Thanks! Appreciate it!


Thank you for the stats, graphics, and for the link. I'm saving it in my Hive folder. I am new and I learn a lot.
I have read somewhere that the Hard Fork might stop auto voting. I curate manually after reading the posts and this keeps my APR I'm not in a curation trial.
You last phrase is painful but very genuine and it represents the truth...we sell our second-layer tokends reducing their price... I am reblogging this because I have some newbies following me and coming these days that might find it very useful.

Thank you!

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The hard fork is going to alter the reward curve. I cant explain it clearly, Marky can do a much better job of that.

Autovoters are not going to be stopped, the advantage they have is going to be somewhat removed. The voting window is going to be opened to 24 hours meaning that you do not have to get the vote in during the 3-5 minute window.

Plus, when you vote anywhere in the 24 hour period, it will be the same no matter when the vote is cast.

I think there is a slight difference if you vote after the 24 hour period.

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If you really want to slap it to auto voters right now make it so 90/10 split in the first 5 minutes ;) Let's be honest it takes at least 5 minutes to find an article read it and tell if it's worthy of an upvote or not. Current system seems a$$ backwards. I do like it's going to 24 hours though gives everyone the same playing field now.

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I don't know how to do 90/10, @bitcoinflood....would you help me, pls?

I think 90/10 for the first five minutes is a great idea!

Thank you so much for explaining this to me. It will be a great opportunity for all of us. I'm looking forward to it.I know it will take some time, though.

Damn, proof of brain gives 500%? That's crazy. I have bits and pieces of all the tokens except Vibes. Wonder what's that about. Some exploring to be done.

Vibes is used in Musicforlife, I believe.

Yes, Vibes is the Music for Life token.

Got that. Thanks, @amberyooper!

Ah ok. Thanks, @fronttowardenemy!

POB looking really juicy. It's planned to half distribution every 4 years, but for those first four years it's giving crazy rewards. I hope the market can keep up with it.

I'm pretty sure it almost double its market cap from 80k to 156k in about a week.

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Its crazy APR for #pob and #vibes. Its quite interesting to even see the rewards from the #stem. Never imagined that even stem could be an interesting and steady opportunity. 179% is a quite a good ROI

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That's really interesting and surprising.

How does it work relative to the front end when curating? If I'm on the Proof of Brain interface and I vote on a post that was posted on Leo Finance but also has the Proof of Brain tag does that produce the same rewards as if I'd upvoted it from the Leo Finance interface?

i.e. does it make a difference which interface we upvote from?

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I'd like to know too.

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

That's a pretty cool comparison... thanks for doing this! It's amazing how large the differences are. You stats also illustrate what I have been suspecting: PAL has become all but completely useless as a token for those who create and curate... evidently it's purely a "mining coin" now. I suppose that's pretty cool for the 17 people who are into that, but not so much for the thousands who are not.

The STEMGeeks returns are very impressive, given that it is not a new token, as many of the others with huge returns are.


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ALIVE is also on a linear rewards curve, but our tribe launched just over a week ago, keep an eye on it though.

You create some of the coolest toys.

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Should see the ones that are not public :)

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like and follow)

Damn, Palnet doesn't seem good xD

Curation rewards will vary as more users start or stop actively voting in a community. Hard Fork 25 brings major changes to curation on Hive and will likely greatly shift the typical curation rewards for the average user.

Thanks for the info man. How do we find out about HF25; is there anywhere it's explained in layman's terms?


0.51% on PAL?, perhaps I should un-stake my stash. Something was supposedly happening with it but that seems to have died a death, a little like !WINE.

As usual, you have given us news we can use. Much better than all the fake news about crypto! !BEER

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Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Time to stake POB before halving.

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Damn the POB tribe offers insane APR, and this will now increase engagement there.
It is true that there is low liquidity on these tribes, but they still help out a few people.

What do you thnk can increase liquidity on these tribes???

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The early days of PoB are awesome!

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That's a great tool that you have developed!

I'm running the liotes project (LENM / LEN) and I saw that in the tool "Hive Engine Miner Break-Even", there is the LEN token instead of the LENM token in the selection. I would be very greatful if could change that :-)

Palnet is dead!!! RIP

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Great tool!!
I found the buy/sell average option extremely useful thank you.

Holy smokes! That tool is unbelievably helpful. A thousand thanks for building it, dude. Are you able to elaborate a little bit on the next hard fork bringing "major changes to curation"? (I should really do my own research though, I know... I'll search it out, but it may still be helpful for lazy newbies who read this thread.) I'm so glad I found this post though... thanks again, Mark!