Hive Engine Tools Tribe Config Tool Updated with Unstaking and Delegation Cooldowns

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Hive Engine Tools is a collection of private scripts I modified to be publicly available to everyone using a web browser.

There are currently seven tools available.


As there is currently no easy way to find out how long a token takes to unstake, I have updated the Tribe Config tool to specify unstaking period. I also added information on delegation cooldown for tokens that have delegation.

For example, if you query POB tribe, you will find the following new information.

Most tribes have around 1 month unstaking period, but some tribes are much longer.


This should make it easier for users to find this information.

Remember to always use the token name when querying for configuration.

If you have any other suggestions, let me know in the comment section.

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what does "over 4 transactions" mean for the unstaking time?

It means you receive the tokens over 4 transactions. For example it is common 28 days 4 transactions, this is roughly 4 weeks with 25% unstaked each week.

I think it means the number of transactions needed to unstake the token. If a token unstakes in 28 days over 4; then you receive a transaction with the unstaking value once every 4 days.

thx now I got it, it would be 25% every 7 days in the example.

Thats a really vital piece of work. Well done and thank you for that. I'll he sure to check it out.

Great tools for anybody's Hive toolbox. Thanks for making them available to us. Now to dig deeper into tribe details.

That's very useful, special the unstacking period.

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hard fork 25 keychain test

This is awesome development. I had to learn on the go that unstaking would take a long time. I had to work my way around it and cancel

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I just stake on Hive Engine for now.

can we get a renew all active orders tool?

Hard fork 25 test

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I’m here just haven’t been posting.

This is a welcome development,i love the tool

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