New Hive Engine Tools update - Tribe Config

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I just released a new update to Hive Engine Tools.

There are now five tools:

  • Hive Engine Miner Break-Even
  • Hive Engine Curation
  • Buy/Sell Average
  • Top Tribe Authors
  • Tribe Config (New)

Introducing Tribe Config

Tribe Config gives you a quick summary of a Hive Engine tribe allowing you to see the most important configuration parameters.

For example, let's look at LEO

Here you can find the allowed tags, any ignored tags, author reward percentage, if the tribe is linear rewards, pool allocation, and more.

You can also see if a tribe reduces rewards for not using their front end. In the case of LEO you can see 20% of the rewards are burned if you do not use You can also see the additional pool currently being used to provide wLeo incentives.

Let's check out a newer tribe on the block, Proof of Brain.

Here you can see they have a 5% beneficiary on all posts going to a team account. You can also see they are set for linear rewards and do not have any mining tokens.

Another new tribe Cine has some interesting parameters as well.

This tribe is also linear rewards, has no mining tokens and a 5% beneficiary to BRO token holders. You will also notice it has a reduced payout window, only 5 days compared to the typical 7 day window. There is also a slight curve on author rewards, this reduces rewards on posts with few votes and increases them slightly on posts with a lot of votes.

Go check it out at

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POB is not 80/20 curation rewards? weird because I read it on multiple sources.


The config shows 50/50 and that's what they said it was. Whoever is saying 80/20 is wrong.

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How exactly does the beneficiary work is there a write up explaining this?
Say for example I post using LeoFinance but I still use the tag POB. Does POB take 10% of all the tokens or 10% of the POB reward because I didn't post from their UI?

There are two types of beneficiaries. My tool covers both, actually technically there is only one type, but the second type you are exempt if you use their front end.

Pal, Cine, and PoB (there are others, but those two I know of) have what I call a global beneficiaries which means every post gives a set percentage to a specific account.

Then you have Leo and STEM which have a penalty if you do not use their front end. In this case there is still a global beneficiaries but you are exempt if you use their front end.

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This is excellent sir....great tools which are necessary for the growth of the HIVE blockchain....bravo....

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This is a cool tool, the stats are kind of scary for the first tribe I checked. 🤣

Which tribe is that?

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Oh okay...

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Weed stats are scary?

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Seems leo is to, seems most rewards go to a select few and not spread out as well as they could be

What did you think....?
There's an irony in everything.
You're is scary, at least...

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All are the best, see the performance in the daily volume

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Pretty cool stuff, love how new tools are always coming out for Hive

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I learned a thing. Or few.

I was not aware that some tribes hold back on giving rewards if certain tags are used. I also didn’t know that not using a front end could result in reward decrease.

Thank you.

Same for me, heard it here first. Love how you learn little things like this every day on Hive :-)

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Excellent tool!

Thanks for creating and sharing!

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This is a wonderful update sir.

I think I will be more interested in knowing more about the Hive Engine Miner Break-Even and Hive Engine Curation.

Mine while this is the best news for today so far.

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Thanks for the tool. It has definitely a use to check the tribes and to see what is behind and also to maximize the returns.

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Superb think to audit :-). Thanks for sharing with us.

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Excellent work, congratulations, it is very important that you follow up on these curators, personally, I have not received rewards for many days and this gives me to understand that they ignore my content, in addition to that they had mistakenly placed me on a blacklist and achieved by other networks tell a witness to give me an explanation. In my case, I depend on the rewards to be able to pay for the use of the internet, since what I earn is only enough for me to eat half a meal. It's unfair that they ignore you for so long.

Cool stuff, that's good info.

Hows it goin @themarkymark ? Do you remember me from the early days of steemit? finally found my keys and am giving Hive a test drive. So many new features, and I'm trying to navigate the best places to make posts and such. Great to see you're still building the community over here. Keep up the good work brotha.

It's really handy. Thanks for it ;)

Thank you so much for this article. It makes things more clear for me. I post in Leo and in Proof of brain often.
So, no Paretto for POB.....hmmm

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Is there a post somewhere that explains the mathematics behind author curve? what does 110% mean? all I know it means popular posts, you receive more rewards? does it depend on timing of when you vote too?

110% means there is a slight 10% curve to author rewards. This means more popular posts will get a little bit more than a 100% curve with the same amount of votes. Smaller posts will get less with the same amount of votes.

This is to discourage spamming low amounts on comments so people don't notice it and slightly increase rewards on the more popular posts.

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ok thanks for that explanation, is Hive 110% too?