Tribe Curation APR Analysis

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Was looking through to do an update on what the APR is curating in different tribes.

Each tribe has vastly different ROI curating based on how much stake is actively voting and burn rates. Here are the popular ones.










Feel free to check out your own curation rewards using my Hive Engine Tools.

Keep in mind, if you drastically add or remove stake recently, these tools will not be accurate.

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Great information and any newcomer to the HIVE blockchain could use it to dive into some lucrative communities from here. The HIVE tools are simple to use and get quite a nice info so it is great to see such small features released and be used to analyze your account and get some insight on that. Some are even good ideas to be embedded in specific UX interfaces for HIVE and tribes to extend their use.


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I prefer delegating HE tolkens to the amr008's curation project it's way easier than manual curating and his APRs are a bit better than what your examples

Feel free to check out your own curation rewards using my Hive Engine Tools

This is a very interesting tool. I've tried it. I will make a post about using this tool. Maybe friends in my country don't know about this tool.

Wow, Nice Analysis. No Doubt POB rules them all in terms of Curation. What an exciting Tokenomics POB has to offer, giving a way high vote value as compared to other Hive tokens. Let's see how long POB maintains such sky high APR. I wonder what's stopping the Hive Whales from investing into POB and earn such amazing curation rewards. Thanks for sharing, More Power to POB 👍☺️🙏.

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It looks like STEM is the most stable of them all.

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