Web 3 is The Black Hole

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Could you build a leofinance on parler?

"bull runs" will be different than most are expecting

hard to start a layer 1 decentralized

does not matter the number of users. What matters the quality of tools. Without tools a million humans couldnt spark a fire. Give one human a lighter and they can start a forest fire.

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LOL Awesome stuff!

Yeah I know personally, it was a no brainer to build here. All the rewards are a bonus, but the real benefit was always....Giving my customers a place and community where they could get their feet wet with crypto.

And Hive was the perfect place to do it.

It's funny scrolling Twitter, all these big whales and crypto investors are screaming for...Exactly what we have right now , right here.

Just takes one of them....

You can lead a horse to water... eventually as all these other platforms start to delete people, and Hive hasn’t, the light bulbs will start to turn on.

It all comes down to user experience and having a reason for them to be here.

Why would they choose a Hive app over what they are presently doing? It is not because of rewards. We tried that approach and it failed.

The reason is because of the benefits that are offered here. Immutability is important to those who had their accounts closed. Censorship resistant is vital to those who were silenced on the mainstream platforms.

At the same time, if we can provide a better user experience while also catering to what they do NOT have on Web 2, we will have a smash hit.

By the way, are you optimistic about Hive's future? I couldnt tell from the video.

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The term rewards has been so misused on we almost forget its meaning. If we are talking about rewards from PoB from the actual Hive token, I agree, that isn't what will keep them. Hive is a governance token which requires distribution, the fact people can earn some in the form of a reward is a bonus.

However if we’re talking reward incentives communities can set up, I think that’s where the real home run is. PoB, NFTs, ratings systems, mining tokens, the list goes on. As a community creator I am licking my chops to get all of these tools under one decentralized belt. PoB for example can be incredible powerful in a niche community where reward disagreement would be less of a thing and centralized moderation could keep content discovery clean and on topic. Stake a fan token to mine NFTs from your favorite creator.

It’s all about giving creators all the tools possible to succeed. And those tools are perfect to be used on Hive.

I’m kinda bullish about Hive, seems like a okay project. ;)


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You're right about decentralisation being a competition to centralisation and if they haven't found an equilibrium point where they can coexist or conjoin or form to become something new or basically centralisation bowing off to decentralisation we we always have that Competition.
As for building Leo elsewhere that's a total no! Many people have the stakes they do because they built under hive plus hive us better for Leo. Despite all the talks of a billion Dollar marketcap and all those other talks.

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When you start asking the right questions, everything starts to get clearer.

Exactly it feels good on paper to be on Parler for Leo, it's honestly deeper than that.

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This was the Tweet:

The MEME: @inertia
Twitter. Do you have a purpose? #getonhive

The Robot was the Butter Passer out of Rick&Morty :))

Enjoyed listening to you Dan.

What Roger Ver to Bitcoin is what TheyCallMeDan to HIVE.

HIVE Jesus in the making

Haha Jesus is a big title, not quite sure I’m ready for that one. How about Hives Rocky. :)

Hives Rocky sounds good :)

Hive is the only game in town.

People don't love every aspect of it because it's early, so they go back to dreaming about their perfect solutions or go find some coin with no product to give them hope.

They'll only realize what they're missing when it's too late.

My view is people on here will be really surprised where we are by the end of 2021 with Hive.

There is so much happening it is amazing.

Things are going to be elevated to a new level very soon (with 90 days).

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What is Hive top 40 in?

I like the idea of lots of users don't matter... it's the quality of users and the ability to give those users tools. Hive users can bring x1000 more value then Web2 social media.

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I feel like we are really close to a sorta domino effect. The first domino is starting to sway slightly back and forth.

Speak could tip it over!

It is strange that hive brings out this feeling of your fighting for more than just a token. It represents fairness, that the community can create and improve the future. It’s like the next step of democracy, the people create something that you can use but you can never control. It started as an investment but it has become almost like a religion, this feeling of belief in our vision of what hive can be. It’s weird seeing the world start to change when it’s all been in just in our heads. Trump getting banned was the start of the process, such a huge catalyst which I never thought would happen, this has signed the death of centralised media, it’s now how long it takes to change, not if it does.

I Heard all the audio, thanks for the vision.
I am very excited for the hive project too
thinking about a good question

Sir, your important discussion is very useful for new users like us. Thank you so much for discussing such a beautiful topic

Sorry mate, but I think you are very wrong on two important points here:
(1) Steem/Hive is not very censorship resistant. Many people are here with clear name or at least references that would have a clue to their identity. @dwinblood was the biggest content creator in politics when i was active and his name is actually Deva Winblood. Many people don't want to speak their true thoughts on a public blockchain and in countries like Germany the government does not fully allow for free speech so it can get very dangerous. Sure your account can't be banned but that does not mean you can't be punished for what you say.

(2) Hive is not something for a normal investor and no Star is gonna bring his fans and get rich through Hive. He might get rich through his fans through hive, but there are better platforms for that like vanilla youtube. To invest in Hive means you support all content on hive, broadly and some specific, it is not meant to become rich.

I would see a use case for a music label that maybe wants to broadly support artists to take the most promising under contract. But to go to someone and say "hey invest in hive, we have a great community, therefore you will make money" is bs and you should know that.

I never said Hive solved political and geographic issues. It solves the fundamental issue of not having control over your digital life, which supersedes any country because it has no borders. Now, countries that make free speech illegal and do oppressive things (not saying Germany is doing that, just giving a random example) are issues that no blockchain or anything else can solve. Not everyone can leave the countries they are in, and it's a real problem for those that feel trapped. I do agree there.

  1. I broke down clearly in my video, stating how utilizing the tools on Hive (some still being built), creators can tokenize their community, similar to LEO, and be much better off. Since you say they can make money somewhere else, I ask, where could LeoFinance build other than Hive on web2? Web2 relies 100% on the declining userbase it has. Hive relies on the tools that any creator can pick up and use to build communities, unlike anywhere else.

Your last comment is off-putting. I spent this time writing this out when you clearly didn't listen to my video. Anyways, cheers.

sorry if I was little harsh, but I listened to the whole thing.

I don't dislike Leo, it is a good interface, has some bright people in the community and it makes sense to build a community on financial investing on a crypto-based website. I even bounced the idea of a similar project for politics called WarzonePolitics so its not like I don't see any value or possibility of development on hive.

Sure you didn't say that but I just hate it that a lot of hive suggests that everyone is earning money here, you get even paid to vote (curation rewards), while the reality is that someone has to pay. I stand by the statement that you should rather look for sponsors than investors.

at some point, we have the smart contracts we need. At this point, we can have smarter advertisements as web 2.0. This will break web 2.0 and brings the billions of ad revenue to hive.

With ad revenue, people will come to hive in masses. Not only the top earn, everyone can earn.

The current problem is, on youtube you can make 10k a month without being one of the big. Token rewards cant cover it. In an attention-based economy, hive needs to pressure in this market.

More important as any defi tools or whatever on hive. Because that's the true web 3.0 and commercials are needed for this.

The cool about this is, the law will be made in code.

It starts slow and increases.

I played JA-2 back in the days and realized your pic at once. But, somehow you're totally wrong without knowing it and that's ok.

Mensch Manni, du weißt doch genau das ich Recht habe

Hahaha :D


#Hive is the future and we can't compare hive with others hive will be going to be the unique .
#Hive = #future.

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your important discussion is very useful, thanks for your vision

Christian Stewart is a content creator who is very knowledgeable about privacy and security. He has many great informative videos and he is looking to create a community of 1000 people. He is not large enough to be able to miss out on comments and he doesn't have to worry too much about migrating his existing fans. he has not even reached 1000 subscribers on YouTube Yet.

Link to YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGNTK7L6Cu6oQKn3iSqK1Q
Link to Medium Blog: https://stewofkc.medium.com

I think this is the right way to go after building a strong community.

  • Fans of the chancel are already good with technology
  • They are already fed up with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • They are smart enough to understand the value of blockchain
  • HIVE has many features they are looking for
  • Comment sections under the videos are positive and informative (they are a good community)
  • The content is very high quality

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Stackin up on LOTUS so I can spread the fire over there and helping them to create more demand for the token.

Looking forward to speak tokens!

Thanks for the post


Contact them for interview here : [email protected]

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Contact them for interview here : [email protected]

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