Own Your Account - Let's Talk About It

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Own your account. Sites become skins, easily changeable. Your account is your body; it goes where you go.

Not your keys not your account.

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You can listen to Dan in a whole new way, as a podcast and a video podcast.

Check out this episode: Own Your Account - Let's Talk About It, from the podcast theycallmedan 3Speak Podcast: https://web.podfriend.com/podcast/theycallmedan-3speak-podcast/1507293966

You can subscribe to @theycallmedan's podcast in any player (video and audio) and it will come as audio.

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This is all by 3speak adding an RSS feed. This is experimental at the moment, I would love to hear feedback on this!

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Hey Brian,

Is there a way to get this to appear in Spotify's podcast search?

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I suspect Dan could submit his RSS feed to Spotify and Itunes for their indexes but you'd want to read the terms and conditions there first.

What is happening more, however, is that podcast apps are integrating with the search at @podcastindex and his RSS feed is listed there (because I put it there for him). There is no reason why all 3speak channels won't be there in the future.

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Sweet, I'll keep my eye out.

I still just use Spotify for my podcasts due to ease of use as it's integrated with my music.

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Consider using a less centrally controlled system in addition. If creators you like upset advertisers, Spotify will boot them.

Great alternatives here: https://podcastindex.org/apps

This is an interesting one.

Do you think it's the listener's responsibility to choose a decentralised option, or purely the content creator's?

I would say this is 100% on the creator, not the listener.

It's the creator who's losing their business if they're booted by Spotify, the listener doesn't lose anything.

All they care about is how easy it is for them to listen.

You could then swap out podcast listener for every other type of content and ask the same question about who's responsibility it is to take the lead.

I'd still always say it's the content creator's responsibility because it's their business (even if it's a personal brand) that's at risk.

They have to be the ones to take the lead, not regular people who consume content because they just want it served to them in the most user friendly way possible.

Anyway, certainly an interesting discussion here :)

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Thank you for this Brian!

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I finally got it when you said that websites were only skin deep!

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HIVE one of the rare decentralised protocol.

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There will never be another Hive.

Bitcoin maximalists say that decentralization is impossible with a new crypto because adoption can't happen naturally.

The thing is that it can happen when you people are constantly ignoring a coin like Hive. The worst thing that could happen to hive is if it gets mass adoption tomorrow with super whales with bitcoin wallets the size of hive's marketcap.

I would take natural exponential growth over anything else. If The hive hodlers were not so committed I would be afraid of whales buying too much hive. But I know I am not selling powered up hive and a lot of others too.

Stakeholders don't run Hive. The community does. Few.

Hostile stakeholders that wish to impose centralization will be met with a rude awakening from a wealthy layer zero.

Are you familiar with the currency design work of Arthur brock? It’s expansive work that allows us to think of currency beyond “money”.

You & Arthur Brock are my inspirations for my own work! Thank you. Keep talking.

I got all the keys to my accounts! Now I just need to put them somewhere safe.

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I agree with you, I see hive getting stronger. Look at Leocoin and I love how you speak about all the new things coming out.

I think Steem was the hold back, I didn't like it too much but I was there. As soon as Hive came out there has been so much progress and I can't wait to see the future of Hive and everything that builds off it.

People building on the network grows it and it's a great feature.

Great vid/podcast

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Pretty inspiring fireside chat I'd say. I hadn't heard you talk in such plain terms before and it makes the grand vision more clear and helps me identify what we have here already when you talk about the layers. It's hard to grasp all this when you are just a "user". I like how you say own your account but the own your network has huge appeal right now. That's great messaging for people who know nothing of crypto or blockchain but are spooked by their current social media situations. I just tell people to monetize their lives. But own your network is better!

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I am at Hive because I have the freedom to write, no censorship here. I feel good when Irewared and We are meeting new people daily and We are a strong community that called HIVE BLOG. Hive is moving quickly and I expect more.

Thank you @theycallmedan for supporting and loving HIVE.

We are family on Hive. Hive is growing fast and no risk is here but people are knowing about hive blockchain a little. How to introduce Hive to people around the world?

Dan I want to log in on 3speak with keychain. I don't want to sign up with an email :) It's one of the things I love so much on Hive. Will this option be available in the future?

We are fully focusing on the open-source dapp atm and we will get someone to add keychain login.


There is ONE huge advantage to 3speak's current system for some: managing multiple accounts is a breeze with one email login and then multiple Hive accounts connected.

I know the email password thing feels bad in Hive world, but combined with a decent password manager (I use 1Password) it's not that odious.

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ok good to know :)I'm to much a Hive guy, I will wait for keychain :D

With this video I understood how difficult it is to build a decentralized blockchain. I need to put more effort into spreading HIVE. With this video I realized that I need to do my part for HIVE

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While protecting account with our keys, I think, a large no of people don't want to do that, and instead just let the browser remember everything. The Leo Lite account was a pretty good match for those people, who would like to take control of their keys, only after they get serious here. On top of that, I think, we need another simple mechanism of authorization through OTP.

Of course we are proud to be part of Hive project and something that’s gonna change the way of communication.
I’m looking forward to see it evolve.
Once we can have open live channels for communication like, live video conversations.
Soon better version of chat and so on, will be grate!
Namaste 🙏

Yes, Thank!
I will control my account and my body to be safety and greatness.

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Very inspiring! Thanks Dan.

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Smoking a bowl of "marijuana" and its 420 at the time of writing this. Pausing and such because I have so much in mind. Hard sometimes to just shut up in the head so. So I am using your loud voice to ignore and help me speak up. don't feel special I do this with a alot of people. Most actually repeat themselves. That is good. Helps me pay more attention. So I got your vid on repeat for the next 12 hours. I am using this moment to write the begining of this header. I am going to review this over and over, just barely coming onto this.

SO under my own authority of my own account. Consider this comment as CORIENTE ORIENTE CAPRICORNIO KUSH HOST OWNER LAYERING DOWN (another words, under construction)

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