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Answered a few common questions I'm getting and I take a deep macro look at the market and give some of my thoughts.

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I'm old enough to remember when Facebook was just for college kids & nobody cared about it. I also recall some time later when it suddenly became an overnight sensation and everyone wanted to join the new social media thing.

There are many similarities in how Hive has been building for years now, but hasn't yet hit the point where it explodes on the scene & people start saying, "Have you heard about this new Hive thing yet?"

I completely agree with your vision of how our blockchain home will eventually look. Few will be able to look at our rock solid foundation, with only bare-bones framework and partially walls so far & see the potential Taj Mahal being created. But those that do will be very happy they did.

That's too funny, I remember too when you had to be in college just to sign up. Now it's mostly those same kids who are now parents and it's more for adults now than college kids. Pretty cool to take a step back and see how these web 2 social apps began and ended, lots to learn.

its cooler at avatar land in disney world where they have free vaccine mosquitos


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Avatar based on a real life story of keylontic Science and ashayana deane

I once again completely agree with your vision of Hive. I feel that we need to completely rethink our interface after communities was launched. It's still half way like the old feed system, and communities! Also I still cannot believe that the search bar in interface doesn't work still!!! Sorry but, no advertising money is gonna come from me til we get our ducks in a row!

That being said, I am going to build an app with Skatehive, as well as a token! However I am going to make it applicable to all sports communities, so I don't narrow my market appeal. What I am currently trying to do is understanding how tokenomics work to achieve certain goals, so that I can do it correctly the first time around.

keep me posted with your project!

The search bar works though! It should be improved I agree, @good-karma is working on it I think.

Some suggestions: rank search result by how they match to the expression, not account reputation.

Also allow hive posts to be searched using the words inside, titles, etc

You can already do that on with advanced search options, for example if you want exact term wrap it inside double quote. "hive price"

very nice, will definitely use that.

I feel like giving us a lot of filter options, would be really useful for curators. Allow them to search for good content in as many ways as possible.
Either way I am glad it's working, and being worked on to be improved. Definitely a big step in my opinion.

You can always check with advanced search options:

I still cannot believe that the search bar in interface doesn't work.

I checked this week and looks like it's working :)

Oh that's good to know. I should have checked again before commenting, but i was on peakd.

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I'm glad that you're in the jungle with us Hulk.

all along the avenue, steem begins the rise

HIVE is the SENTINAL in the war on culture

the last stand in the infowar is made on HIVE and Data over the Power Lines, and seismic and other transmission systems that dont need 5g or starlink....

we will use earthquakes to send bitcoin transactions

imagine the breaking bad scene wheer the hackers are out in teh desert and have to ride a seismic wave of earth in a custom storm chasing rv that can SURF scan the entire wave like in star trek movie and get a reading for an elliptical curve and get the bitcoin transaction and teleport or time travel out of there hahaha

threespeak desktop app test comment reply

Patience and steadfastness very important. Hive is just over 1 year old, people can talk about how we came from steem, and we did, but there are many users now that have not come from the steem chain. We made it through Hive's first Hard Fork 24 with out playing with the reward pool, we are approaching hard fork 25 with only minimal reward pool adjustments, the devs have been pretty focused on solidifying the foundation for the second layer apps, hived, hivemind, hive-api, all being brought up to par to firm the foundation layer. The foundation has been the focus. Very little of steem history is going to be left with Hive, the ties that bind us to steem will be broken and we stand on our own.

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I think the reason may have been that so much of the code was from steem. I am not a programmer so I am not sure. The fact though is that the devs have removed a large portion of the steem references.

The system is far from complete and that's why growth doesn't happen.

This is a wrong statement. Growth is happening in all sectors of Hive Block Chain, one just needs to look. The foundation layer is as we speak being solidified on Hive Block Chain. The Developers are very busy in that arena.

The social side as things are repaired is very active on their development areas. Recent changes at PeakD, Leo-Finance, and dozens of other communities and front end access points are all very busy updating and upgrading user experience.

Game development is doing well on Hive, it seems every month a new game is being put out.

New users while not flying in in the thousands are coming into Hive Block Chain and some are even staying. The Music industry it seems is finding Hive block chain so many new Music makers I find it great.

The video bloggers are finding 3speak and dtube and other Hive connected video services.

So you see growth is happening and to say otherwise is just simply wrong.

Something i think about since i first hear of SMTs, to airdrop a smt to other chain token holders.

With light wallets and Smart contracts it would be easy all with keychain.

You hold cardano or LTc or whatever token? do you know every token holder got an airdrop on hive, with all apps available (as fork) you know from that chain?

Could be use greed as a tool for mass onboarding.


and btw, is most likely faster than the chain you use before, more decentralized and nobody can take the funds away.

A cool marketing pitch IMO

Love you bro! Your talks make me feel like I have a close friend to chill with who actually understands how I think about our future. I don’t call mine’s Boss Portfolio for no reason. The gates are open!


I'm with you man. I finish my degree this year, the next one I'm full time hive.

congrats on the degree!

Super excited for SPK Network!

Dan, by beef and not being ready. I meant the flavoring after I grill this bad boy.


us marine core beef association

You touched on a lot here. We definitely have exciting times ahead. I'm glad to be a part of it.


This kept me company as I cleaned out my old apartment. Thank you!


threespeak desktop app test message


3speak desktop app is no good unless it can stream using dstor and @telosnetwrok for data , and starlink, so you get a 3speak account buy tlos stake to your NET balance like they have hivepower, and you end up with data to stream on a desktop or a phone

very nice

Super excited for SPK Network!

Just got a chance to finally listen to this. I love the ability to watch/listen to 3speak videos on 1.5x speed btw haha.

Listening to the way you speak about decentralisation and the advantages that Hive has over other blockchains has really encouraged me to dive deeper. Honestly, it's changed the way I think about the market.

Keep sharing and building, mate.


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Super excited for SPK Network!

I learned a lot there. Looking forward to seeing the marketing you bring when that happens. It's amazing how far a small marketing budget can go when using things like Gorilla marketing and the like. I think of people like Richard Branson or Michael O'Leary (Ryanair) who get themselves on the front of newspapers by doing crazy stunts for pretty much zero cost. Hopefully you have some ideas like that up your sleeve.

Here's an idea, huge hive banners at multiple football grounds across the world on the same day/weekend. That could easily get picked up by the media...

I like how you day you are "very calm and very confident" - that kind of positivity from such a large player is encouraging for us all. As you rightly say "something's coming" and all of us early adopters will hopefully do very well out of it.

Thanks for the ballpark thoughts and i look forward to us all changing everything together.

Peace Out from Ireland.

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