I want play too!

They said that Hive couldn't reach $1


While I'm really hoping for adoption to fuel growth...I still love the clueless Korean exchange speculators.

Why would anyone even speculate a stable coin going anywhere above 1$ let alone 10?

It happened with steem's SBD in those days and the blow back was felt for months. I really do hope nothing disrupts the peg this time

I am assuming that the SBD conversion thing didn't existed at the moment

I really hope HBD maintains the Peg and doesn't go haywire. Let's just keep up this growth in a sane and stable manner this time. And yeah, hold as much as we can (a lesson I have learned the hard way)


It's his facial expression for me 😌


Bloody hell, choose the right option or else, 🤣🤣🤣


Yes, we are Oliver Twist, we want more 🥵


$20?🙆 How about a $100 speculation? 🤔

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Very funny memes up. Got me laughing. Thanks for giving the permission to make use of them. Hive to the moon

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Well one of those memes hit home...


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Firefly memes or it never happened!

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

I like your encouragement feel free that's good thank you am with you.

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