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Mail Tokens

For every link you've opened, you receive MAIL tokens in Listnerds. You can find your balance at the top of your page next to the CTP & LISTNERDS balance:


How much MAIL you receive for opening, depends on the membership you have. When you have a free membership, you receive 5 MAIL per click. This means it takes quite a bit of time before you reach a nice amount of MAIL to send out your first email. You can solve this by buying MAIL tokens, OR by upgrading your account. With an upgraded account you receive more MAIL per click, let's compare them:

Together with the fact that you can send out emails every 3 days, this was the reason for me to upgrade to premium. When you receive at least 10 emails a day, this means I'm getting 250 MAIL tokens each day, instead of just 50 for a free membership. This to me, was worth upgrading to premium.

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MAIL tokens to send out EMAIL

To send out EMAIL yourself, you will need MAIL tokens. Each MAIL token is worth 1 EMAIL that you can send to another member. Meaning, if you want to send out 1000 EMAILS, you will need to have 1000 MAIL tokens.


Something to take into account is that whenever you have an upgraded membership, you receive 1000 to 5000 prospects so you will have 1000 to 5000 extra emails each time you send an email on top of your own chosen amount of emails. There's an easy calculator when you are going to decide how many emails you're sending out. I can't show it currently as I have to wait to send out a new email, but it speaks for itself. It's all very easy to understand.

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In the end, this is what it's all about: Emails! You can utilize Listnerds emails in so many ways that it's mindblowing, to be honest. I bet being the first blockchain mailer is going to change the world of email marketing forever. I've already seen new people appear on Hive that came through Listnerds emails. We Hivers, are all sending out emails with our content and seeing a massive rise in engagement on our posts that are sent through Listnerds emails.

You can use it to promote a product you're selling, and no it doesn't have to be email marketing related, you can use it in any way you want. Get more engagement on your content, traffic to your website, find new customers for your Etsy shop (great job @fiberfrau) or maybe offer your professional skills. I see massive potential and to me, it's a no-brainer that I'm going all in and learning how to use this for all our business-related things in the future. I have some business stuff brewing and great things are ahead this year, so for those things, I will be using Listnerds as well.

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Endless possibilities

The possibilities are truly endless and I really want to encourage you to not only sign up but log in every day, I promise you, by reading the emails that Hive members are sending out, you will get feeling for the project and I can assure you, ideas on how to use it will come to you. If you need some help, shoot a comment, I will see if I can help you. And if you join my team by using my referral link there are still a few spots left to have a chance of winning a Hive punk!.

I'm very excited to build this together and I hope that within a few weeks, you will be just as excited as I am!

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