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How can you stake at


TMAC.FINANCE is the DeFi dApp of the Breeze Foundation. And it is very easy to operate even a lay person not having much knowledge can easily use it. works with its native token $TMAC. Follow the following instructions to use and stake your $TMAC at

  • You should have a BSC wallet (Trustwallet, Metamask) as $TMAC is currently at the Binance Smart Chain
  • Transfer $TMAC tokens to your wallet
  • Now go to


  • You have to connect your wallet having $TMAC here
  • You will see the connect button at the right upper corner.
  • Click on the connect button and then select your wallet (Trustwallet, Metamask...etc)

  • Configure your wallet and allow the access


  • Now your wallet has been connected successfully
  • Now you can stake your $TMAC tokens.

Why Tmac.Finance


TMAC.FINANCE is offering the best staking on the binance smart chain with the following unique features:

  • There is no staking fee
  • There is no unstaking fee
  • Flexible staking (no locking period)
  • You can join at any time
  • You can exit at any time
  • You can withdraw your assets at any time
  • Huge returns as it offers 61% yield
  • 10% affiliate reward


So is offering only win win opportunities to investors.

Reward Pool has an awesome system for the reward pool allocation. As mentioned earlier that breeze dao has a #share2earn social media TipMeACoffee. So how does the reward come to the staking pool.

  • When users upvote each other's posts at TipMeACoffee, $TMAC tokens are generated and 30% of generated $TMAC tokens go to the reward pool.
  • Each upvote generates 0.3 $TMAC tokens.
  • So 30% of 0.3 $TMAC tokens goes to the reward pool.

Affiliate Program

As mentioned earlier in the previous post, offers exciting affiliate rewards. The referring person gets 10% of all the rewards of its referral.

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