Suggest New Name For TipMeACoffee and Get 10,000 $TMAC

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Hello everyone we have exciting news for all of you. First if all we want to mention that TipMeACoffee platform has turned 1 year old, and happy anniversary to all. Secondly, we are giving away 10,000 TMAC tokens to suggest new name for our social media dapp in place of tip me a coffee 🔥


Name must be brand able, easy to spell (one word will be good) and readable and have the ability to become one of the best social media brand.

Our social media belongs to
• Chatting
• Microblogging
• Storytelling
• Sharing

So suggest name according to these points and win 10,000 $TMAC tokens.

Send your entries in name-suggest channel on discord ❤️

Useful Links

Breeze Foundation | Tip Me A Coffee | | Breeze Explorer | Submit Proposals | Forum | Help Desk

Social Media Handles

Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium

All the pictures are the authority of the @tipmeacoffee otherwise stated

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this is something new to me

Then you should join us to know more and earn more

I think I will do that

I didn't hear about this project before, and now I've got intrigued, so I took a little look around. All is fine with Breeze Foundation and Tip Me A Coffee website, but when I tried to open your TMAC Finance page, I got this.

TMAC Finance

My browser guard stopped me from proceeding. And this concerns me a LOT!

There is nothing like that, it is secure and safe. Open in Chrome and you can check many $TMAC tokens are being staked and users are getting their rewards on a daily basis.

Current staked $TMAC: 171728.1600 TMAC

Follow this link:

If you find any problems you can ask, join our discord or telegram to get live assistance.

Thank you for the reply. I'll try with another browser to see if the problem persists.

Sure if you find any problems feel free to ask

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You're welcome @tipmeacoffee! Have a nice day 😊👍