$3100+ Worth FIFA 2023 Contest Winners by TipMeACoffee

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Hello everyone!

Today we are thrilled to announce the winners of the 1st week of the contest. As the first week has already passed and users are excited to know the results of the first week so the wait is over and the winners are here.

1st Week Winners of FIFA 2022 World Contest By TipMeACoffee


  1. @piya3 25 $TMAC + 250 $BREEZE

  2. @smallz 15 $TMAC + 150 $BREEZE

  3. @zinobenjamin 10 $TMAC + 100 $BREEZE

All theese winners send their bsc address to @themasterofcoins at the discord server to claim their rewards.

Reward Sheet Of 1st Week Winners of FIFA 2022 World Cup Contest By TipMeACoffee

Those who haven't joined this wonderful contest worth $3100 then hurry up guys join this full of rewards contest and win.

Details of contest can be found here: https://LeoFinance.io/@tipmeacoffee/contest-usd3100-to-win-7000

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