Ask Leo: investing money from another business into cryptocurrency a good idea ?

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Both good and bad are imbedded in cryptocurrency
Your view is different from another person's view crypto might be good to you and at the same time it might be bad to another person depending on how you understand it
Every business has is own risk side and business is not always Rosy or profitable all the time there are times you loose and there are times you gain when the business is going trough a bad time doesn't mean that's the end of such business maybe in the next few days one might make ten times the loses he made previous weeks
Cryptocurrency also works just like that as we all know that cryptocurrency price is not stable and volatile in nature an this is the reason why it is important to know how it works before investing into it just because of crypto nature some people has seen cryptocurrency as a bad investment or gamble but to some other people it is a very good investment

is it good to remove money from another business to invest into cryptocurrency?

From my own point of view there is nothing bad in using another business money to build a long term crypto investment without you investing you can not make money so if you have a business that is doing fine and you are making a lot of money it is a good idea to borrow from the pose to invest into cryptocurrency and by doing this you might be helping your self to build wealth 🤑 in the future
Mind you it is advisable you use money you can afford to loose to invest into cryptocurrency
Have done this several times and it's really working for me but what works for me might not work for you so take your time to make best decision for your self to invest or not to invest it depends on what you want for your self
When you have a business it is good to diversify into another business and cryptocurrency is one of the business you can give a try diversification play a good role in business and wealth creation so diversify into several businesses and see what comes out of it .

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