Son drugged his father to get access to $400k worth of BTC funds and nearly killed him by accident

in LeoFinance2 years ago (edited)

Due to price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, a son reportedly drugged his father to gain access to his bitcoins.

The son offered dad to drink tea for "recharging", in which, as it turned out later, there was a huge dose of benzodiazepine. The father passed out, the son took his phone, transferred BTC for $400,000 and converted approximately 60% of these funds into Ethereum. Then he left his father lying, thinking that he would soon wake up.

Two days later, after a call from a worried friend, the police found the unconscious man in his bedroom, alive. He was taken to the hospital, where he recovered for four days.


As a result, the son served 125 days in prison and avoided further punishment by spending two months in a rehabilitation center.