The New Key to Conquer Twitter

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A new Twitter Algo with major changes was released a few days ago, in regards to how tweets rank and show on other people's feed.

I figured to share the main take away, for any of you engaging in @acidyo's posh project or doing any other kind of business on twitter.

So, likes and retweets still count but way way less then before. What you really want to concentrate now are the replies you get on your tweets, and especially replies on your replies. I guess what would work great is forming your tweets in the form of question or any other kind of format that induces the user to leave a reply. I'll actually try the question thing when poshing my post 😂

In other words, conversation is the new king if you want to conquer twitter. Which only makes sense!

Here's a quick list of the visibility multiplayers:

This is the new ranking of positive signals:
· 75x for reply to reply
· 13.5x for reply
· 12x for click to profile
· 10x for click & user stays >2 mins
· 1x for retweet
· 0.5x for like

Grab your 75x with reply to replies. source

The next best thing apparently is getting people to just click you profile, giving a 12x point.

Another great thing for us poshing our links is that now there is no link penalty 🎉🎉🎉

Tldr; Likes and retweets matter less, replies more. So better just leave a quick reply even if it's just a silly meme! It might do wonder and won't fill your Twitter page with posh links 😂

If you want an extensive list of all the recent changes in the twitter algo just click here

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I think listing the changes would be kind of bad because those algorithms will definitely be trying to game the system. It's nice to know but I stopped using Twitter a while back.

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Well I don’t have a Twitter account but thanks for the info…..

Twitter is awful of late, they will change it, it is everchanging rules and whims and 14th on reach is gonna be limited to those that are not blue. I am not intending to pay
So I mean let us keep sharing, algorithm are capricious, I do not believe current ceo is gonna stick to that or any plan

'as of late' - As opposed to the year _____? When it was great? XD

I do not have any predisposition for any socials, I love to build communities when I am, so it's not just dropping a link of my music but actually having people who care about what I do. But on twitter for any reason, there is a group of people interested in folklore, it's not TWITTER, it's that group of people and individuals and like-minded people who interest me, some who have become friends. It's like a bubble that has nothing to do with the rest of the noise, we just read books together, share folklore and mythology (changing the prompt each day). It's a healthy interaction and I'd miss it, so I stay. I wish over here there'd be a microblogging part too, some are scattering to mastodon. Same all other socials, in each one you have a group of "people" we do not own those pages, but I built those connections. Now I get lots of "political" intrusion even from individuals (let's not mention) I keep on blocking, one day they say you cannot link to another page or you're shadowbanned, or everchanging policies, or pay to reach... Atm I'm in and behind the curtains trying to solidify those connections which are organically genuine. Same as I was in touch with lots of people on st.... thankfully lots of them came over here, but I'm still in touch with people that just "faded away". Not all in socials is about promoting our work, they're socials, you build links, and now I feel they took advantage of our trust, and our content, it's way too drastic, and certainly the TONE and the level of intrussion is too obvious not to bother us. I've told them about here, but the prompts are basically microblogging twitter style and also most would find overwhelming. I do not know how many times I've explained in dms this is not hive social XD

Thankfully I've only used twitter long enough to realize it's a dumpster fire. I get that you found your own niche over there, which is great. But it's constantly described as 'the world's digital public square'. To that I say... no thanks lol.

If you've already got stuff going on like you describe then yeah its pretty hard to change it, and Hive certainly isn't the place for it unless they're willing to turn things into macro? blogging.

Yes, Public square sounds like an awful "noisy" to me. Socials are to use them not to be used, that is in great part why I am here. But yes there is a group of people I connected with and I cherish that, the value are them not the place, and we are all eyeing to move. I wish they could be all over here specially the bloggers, but there is a lot of microblogging too. Officially today is my 14th anniversary on "twister" lol 😂 and my effort will be compensated by limiting my reach tomorrow on. It does not hurt me, because I still follow my friends, nut it is a solid reminder that socials rise and fall. Diversify and create, and limit doomscrolling lol 😂 as much as possible.

Literally, it is a sh...ho.e now
So much NOISE

Yes, no it is a microblogging thing, there is a prompt each day.


hahah I explain the reason, as always it's not the place but the connection you built in those places, and wherever those people migrate, same as happened here some years ago, it is where the value is

So I gotta ask questions? Easy! Thanks for the heads-up

Yeah I guess. Or things that people "need" to reply

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What about hashtags?

Now I know how to do my poshing...

Those who Gonna reply on Posh Tweets;
Bored Cabin Fever GIF

I have tried and noticed those tweets where I got more reply Got more visibility and even profile clicks.

So, Yea... Let's try it out.

I'll be honest.. I dont really give a damn about twitter I just had it to share the links... Any visibility is better than none... But if I thought that I was doing shit on my tweets wait till you see me now 😂😂😂

Well, it's good for hive to get more visibility. And probably for you too, as you might get more votes!

Replying here will boost your visibility 85x

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Engagement is key when dealing with social media. Otherwise is just content without a soul.

Yeah, I think that change is a good step towards that

Really useful to know! I'll try to improve my tweets accordingly :)

now there is no link penalty

One more good reason to #posh even moar!


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Not here retard

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Wow....the task just got a lot more challenging. It's a great way of bringing more visibility to the account and not just randomly liking. Participating in this to see how effective this would be.

~~~ embed:1645801290918948868 twitter metadata:MTUwOTQ1NDUxNjY1MDkxNzg4OHx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS8xNTA5NDU0NTE2NjUwOTE3ODg4L3N0YXR1cy8xNjQ1ODAxMjkwOTE4OTQ4ODY4fA== ~~~

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 151 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hehe... The poshing scheme just got better.

new boss, new ideas

Thanks for the info! I've been lazy with my Twitter account as of late... For some reason work is more important.

Let's make HIVE/THREADS the new Twitter!

Yes, engagement is king here. if you are not getting engagement. you are lacking something. you need to look again to find that thing which is lacking.

Engagement is the only thing that can make us successful on this project. I am also sharing all my posts on twitter and thread these days.

Thanks for the information.
What is poshing our links?

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