What a gift it would be...

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So my friend @silverd510 is doing this fun thing every year, posting for 12 consecutive days before Christmas, 12 cool silver coins and shit. A wish list of shorts. Dunno if he has ever gotten any items from that list as a gift though 😂

Anyways, I am a bit late to the game but I figured to play for a few days cause why not.

Now, the first thing that comes to my mind that I would love to be gifted is this bad boy:




photos source

Everything is just perfect. The Egyptian themed coin, the dome full of gold particles, the pyramid packaging... Everything is just perfect perfection! ❤️

To find this bad boy just Google for GOLDEN TREASURES OF ANCIENT EGYPT SILVER 2019, or use the image source link above!

It's a 2019 limited release 2 oz coin by the Perth mint with an original price of about 200 USD.
It's out of stock in the shops I checked so it probably goes for a lot more now on eBay or whatever. A quick ebay search gives a buy now range of about 400-500 USD 😅

This stunning Egyptian themed coin features a dome insert containing 24 carat gold particles surrounded by representations of ancient hieroglyphics and symbols. source

This gorgeous 2 oz silver proof coin featuring 24 carat gold particles encased in perspex, surrounded by representations of Egyptian hieroglyphics and symbols. Intended for those who are fascinated by the Ancient Egyptian culture and history, this coin exhibits a great deal of artistry in designing detailed coins. source

So yeah. That's a piece I'd love to have but I am certainly not paying for cause I am a cheap motherfucker.

If you feel generous, let me know and maybe I'll throw you a quick handjob and you will have my eternal gratitude ❤️

Let me conclude this post with two videos featuring this beautiful piece:

What a masterpiece!

Ok frens, this is it for today. See you tomorrow with another amazing piece that probably no one will gift ne 😂🤣😭


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You may want to get the optional curse feature on this so when someone raids your tomb for this baby you can come back from the dead and pursue him to the ends of the earth. Who want s to face @trumpman the Mumman ?

it's more like a coin shape thingy than an actual coin. It's super cool I'll give you that but I still prefer silly coins :)

Technically it is legal tender worth of 2 Australian dollars. And technically makes it a coin. Which technically makes you a dumbass 😆

it would make you a bigger dumbass for giving it away for 2 dollars :))))

First I must get one though 🤪

Glad you decided to join in. I just checked a few places and…… DAM that thing is expensive now. Cheapest was over $500.

Yeah..aged like fine wine!

I watched 2 videos. This is an unusual and incredibly beautiful coin and packaging. I thought that in this style I could make coins with stars and planets.

Or a Christmas globe but with gold flakes instead of snow 🥰

I am also cheap. I don't think I would really pay that inflated price for a limited time item.

Well you also pay for the novelty, I am sure some are willing to do that!

Very nice but stupid premium, good luck with that 🤣


A girl can dream right ? 🤣 !BBH !PIMP

You must be killin' it out here!
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@trumpman! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @bitcoinman. (12/50)

That's a cool coin! Not sure it's a 500 dollar cool coin though!

Maybe when I'll become a millionaire I'll get one 😆

Super cool idea for posting like that I like it. and damnnnnnnnn now I can see why this is on the wish list that's one hell of a token BEAUTIFUL!

Gold moves and everything. It reminds me of those Christmas balls you can make it snow. 🤣

It's snowing gold 😆


That's an expensive gift, fingers crossed Santa will find you with the perfect gift :)

Doubt it, he is a dick 😭

Have you not been good this year, sir?

He has not been good

Well there you go, Santa knows @trumpman!

only 400-500$ :P

That would really be a precious metal

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$200 is a lot of money and I never knew that there is a coin that can be sold at that price

What a gift it will actually be truly

Esa moneda está súper bacana..

Such things especially silver lovers are very happy when a person buys or gifts them.