Ask Leo: should I focused on Hive staking or HBD saving as a newbie

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As a newbie one needs to first focused on growth on the blockchain and the way to do that is to focus on stacking Hive and powering it up rather than saving HBD and which I think this is the best time to that since the hive price have dropped and now is the time to stack more Hive and powering it up or staking.

Some people are getting it wrong especially some of the newbie who are focusing on HBD saving rather than growing on the platform which should be the first thing to focus on. Thou, HBD saving is good, juicy and an irresistible offer of increased 20% APR by the Hive witness but building your hive wallet should come first instead of savings as that will give you some power on the Blockchain.

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Reason why you should keep on powering up

Powering up or Hive staking give you some special abilities on the hive blockchain such as:

When you focused on building your Hive account by powering up or staking then you have the chance to get larger voting power and in returned that will increased your curation rewards and you keep growing through the rewards received.

Thou you maybe thinking that the curation rewards have dropped due to the current hive price market situation but as the price of have dropped then this is the best time to stack and power up because the curation rewards is going back up in no time likewise the Hive price and you will have the advantage of receiving even more curation rewards sine you already have more voting power.

When you have more Hive power then that gives you more resources credits RC when will enable you to do different transaction on Hive blockchain. I remember back then when I first joined the Hive blockchain. I can only post twice sometimes maybe in 3-4days due to my low hive power and that's affect my activities on the blockchain as I can't perform some operations due to my low hive power and that's why it take my resources credits RC to recharge fast.

As you keep on staking or powering up then that's give you more power I Hive governance to support Hive witnesses and some projects on the blockchain.

Staking or powering up hive also fetched you some rewards as Hive power increases at an APR of approximately 2.99% according to the hive witness.

In conclusion, as a newbie the first priority on the blockchain should be your growth and you can do that by stacking Hive and powering up which will give you many opportunities in the blockchain such as the ones mentioned above.

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Great post.

Thanks so much for your comments

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Great write up for new comers to Hive and LEO and the powers that come with powering up. There's huge potential here and powering up is a awesome way to become a part of a growing ecosystem that continues to reward you and others.

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Thanks so much for your comments. I am happy that acknowledge my post

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I have to agree. Focusing on HP for both RCs and vote value is important when you first start. You are going to need it to start commenting and engaging with others to get more exposure.

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