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Those who actively use decentralized finance, which include changing tokens on DeFi exchanges, the use of liquidity pools, farming and staking their tokens, are probably to face this type of hassle as reporting on all transactions and calculating the profitability of their transactions. When you have only some such operations, it'll now no longer be hard to do not forget them, and in case you make dozens of exchanges an afternoon even as also actively the use of staking and farming, then using the platform will substantially help your life. is an aggregator of several DeFi platforms plus it is a handy financial device for the history and evaluation of all of your tokens and transactions using DeFi tools.

source allows, only by specifying your Ethereum address, to reveal all of your transactions and tokens with the calculation of the profitability of a specific operation. When you connect your Ethereum wallet, for instance Metamask, to this platform you can not only track reports, but additionally carry out all possible transactions to exchange (swap) tokens, invest your tokens in liquidity pools and farming in a single place, since supports over 50 famous DeFi services: Uniswap, Yaern Finance, 1Inch, Curve, Balancer, Sushiswap and others.

In addition, the Zapper offers the option of managing your defi via an API, which also makes it much easier for traders to interact with decentralized finances.

Zapper not only provides statistics on all DeFi transactions, but also saves time and gas costs by using each service separately. In short, is an irreplaceable tool for anyone who continuously uses decentralized finance.

Here I leave you a short Tutorial vido on How to use

Most DeFi platform are on Zapper, except Cub Finance... But you can help the community by voting on Zapper coin request page:

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