Bitcoin Halving is near, ignore the current negatives.

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We followed everything the government says. We follow the regulations. We call them over leaders and lawmakers, but we forget that the best human has an atom of greed in them or we had no option but to follow everything. We trusted the system that is labelled secured, but the system failed us. Now we have our solution. THE BLOCKCHAIN.

We that dwell in the internet of social jumped into the train of decentralization through the blockchain and the currency that run through it. We deserve better than we used to get from the government. Bitcoin is what money supposed to be. Max quantity and easy for everyone to access and step up their finance.

The rules of making money in cryptos are easy. Invest in real and valuable assets (Bitcoin, HIVE, LEO, BNB, ETH and the rest) wait for 4 to 5 years and make profits beyond your imagination.

Money without the control of a body is the right money. The great people that value good money stepped in and the other people that want to suck the milk also joined. We all want to profit but there are people who don’t care about growth. All they want is to take whatever is in it, including what other people hold and they are called scammers.

These are the problems we have with this technology. They set their traps in the name of altcoins. They have no plans for growth. They just want to empty your pocket. And when the effect happens, it causes panic that drags down the value of Bitcoin, Hive and other real assets, then people put the blame on Bitcoin. Pump and dump is another scam that takes money from people that are naive. It seems like the value is going up and they dump the bomb on the innocent investors.

Bitcoin is a solution, not a problem and the system remains one of the easiest ones to manipulate by the bad players. And when the value drops because of the bad guys, people blame Bitcoin for it.

In all of this, the beauty is, nobody can buy all the bitcoin. No matter how you want to hodl, it will get to a time that you will need to get some cash out. And when bitcoin goes up, you can’t buy more with the bitcoin you have. The circulation and growth will continue no matter what the bad players do.

A quick reminder, Bitcoin halving is around the corner. April 2024.

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