Everything will be tokenized.

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It has been a while. Work, life, and so many things to put out together at once. But everything going right at the pace as designed for the Sovereignty. Early this morning, I read a post about what would be your use if you were a token. I replied with my company's Twitter account as the token to bring back people to life. Well, that might not make sense, but that is what came to mind. We all have someone we would like to bring back to life if we have the power to.

Aside from that, everything is getting tokenized. Both physical and digital assets. I wrote about an estate that was sold on the Ethereum blockchain and the documents were minted as Non fungible tokens. Everything is going in the direction of blockchain.

VISA, BNY, JP Morgan, Swift and some other companies are tokenizing their services. Blockchain has been proven to do more good than any flaws it might have like the immutability which might cause a large loss for anyone that makes a mistake.

These are big financial institutions, and seeing them embracing digital assets shows the future of payment. A lot of experiments have been carried out to test the safety and it has proven to be more secure than all the traditional means of transactions.

The power of blockchain disruption is here, and everything is changing. Those who will not change and adapt will become obsolete.

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