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Do you still remember the top-notch articles you have written that serve as a big solution and education for people on and off this chain? That article that has over 100 comments because of the values in it. While engagement is one of the factors that drive values on every blogging platform, I think the values and quality of the post also matter. There was a time that I had to bookmark some posts on my computer because of the continuous values they add to my knowledge base.

Hive is made up of awesome writers. When you search “count no man happy until the end is known”, my post will come up 5th on the list of contents to read about the story of King Croesus and Solon the wise man and I know that is how it is for many people here. Now what is Hive Legendary?

I was just having the thought and I feel like sharing it as a post for everyone to see. There are posts that are too important to let them go down the pit. There is a limitation of 7 days payout Window on the Hive blockchain and I think it is limited for some posts. There are posts that deserve more than 7 days payout window.

So, this is how the Hive legendary might work. Not a finished idea just a thought.

Accounts with a 65 reputation score and above will be able to vote on content to be in the legendary category. This vote will not be based on Hive power because of the Whale effect. It will be like a governance vote. The post that makes it to 500 votes or more depending on the number that works will make it to the Hive legendary category. There will be an interface for Hive Legendary

Now who votes on them?

The Hive blockchain algorithm will not support this, but we could incorporate a system on posts that made it to Hive legendary to have a new 3 months payout window. This could be created with the Hive engine nitrous and bots, but I do not think it will be effective enough without the hand of some prominent guys here, thus, it should be a thing to agree on as a community.


  1. More professional writers
  2. Better payout for great articles.

Just a thought.

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