Thought on the future of Decentralized Repetitional Score

in LeoFinance6 months ago (edited)

I read a blog from Brian Armstrong where he shared some web3 ideas he would love to build and one of them is the decentralized reputation score. The score you have determines how people will interact and trust everything you do. While this is a great idea, there will be lots of flaws in the long time. The hive reputation score is one of the awesome features of the hive blockchain. It shows how much you post but you only grow by posting, it doesn’t matter how much Hive power you hold if you don’t post, your reputation will not grow.

I remember when Obyte did an airdrop to the hive community based on reputation score it ended up in the dump of the token because reputation score does not show the people with greater values on the chain. Posting doesn’t really show people that will hold tokens for a long time. For any company to work there must be people that will believe and hold on to the company assets for a very long time. I think more factors should be considered for Hive's reputation score in future upgrades.

The idea of Brian is to identify your digital trustworthiness which means it will determine everything you do on the web3/blockchain sphere. While this is a great idea, it must be built with tonnes of factors considered.

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