Don't Know Where To Delegate Your HIVE Power? Here's a Few I Recommend For Passive Income

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I'm sure we have all faced the dilemma of, "Who do I delegate my HP to for a decent passive income in curator rewards?"

... Or something along those lines.

Either way, I too recently pondered this question after transferring over my first bit of HIVE to be powered up into HIVE Power. So I did plenty of research to find some of the best accounts I could find.

Now, there surprisingly is not that much straightforward information regarding curator accounts and the like. So after some deep digging, I have made a hand-crafted list of who I will personally be delegating my HP to, and who I believe you should as well.

Here are the 9 accounts I recommend:


By delegating your HP, you can earn a portion of that account's earnings as passive income because you support it through delegation. Most of the accounts listed actually post daily in order to curate those who delegate to them!

Please feel free to comment any others you feel like are great options to delegate your HP to! I'm sure many of those reading this, as well as I, would love to know!

Also, if you have made it this far, please consider following me for consistent posts from an experienced writer and newcomer to the HIVE Blockchain!

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thanks for this advice. I was asking myself this question just last week. I think I'll delegate something to Ecency

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thank you for this! i tried to delegate but it seems I don't have enough HP yet haha. is there a minimum amount for delegation?

Great question. How much is good to start?

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