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RE: [Eng]My 1st Fiat Investment of 2020 in Crypto/[Esp]Mi 1ra inversión de Fiat del 2020 en Crypto

in LeoFinance4 months ago

Wow! nice! I did something similar. another modest amount $195 minus fees or w/e.. all to hive power.. is that advisable? or should I be diversifying somehow now?


Hi thanks for commenting, in my most humble point of view it is good to diversify in power up to other projects like LEO because they next move is coming which is the #projectblank which if I am not wrong will give you 1:1 on your WLeo and LP, about your power up to Hive is the best thing you have done I congratulate you Hive is still one of the best investments in this ecosystem, I repeat to my humble way of thinking, be well I wish you much success.

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