My curation APR 18%

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My goal is 20-24%, which is a good percentage. In 10 years, the number of my Hives in Hive Power should increase by 10 times.


Trading Hive and HBD can generate 10x revenue in less than 1 year. You only need to catch 3 good pumps. I will play this game too.


This is a great target. I guess I also need to work on my Apr to increase also. Hive is really a great revenue

A focused individual 🔥… Hive is a good investment

Great result! How do you reach that percentage? I have seen few users manage to assiduously exceed 10%.

I give 7-8 upvotes out of 10 for posts in the Splinterlands category.

This is interesting. Thank you for your answer. And keep it up 😊👍🏻

wow! very nice stats! and I am happy if I can just get over 8%.. :P

so how much of your total HIVE and/or HBD do u say should be reserved for internal trades? and how much to keep as HP or HBD savings?

thanks 😊🤙💪

HP 50%, Hive 50% and I buy HBD from pump profit.

🙏 thanks. sounds like the way to go. :)

What should I do to reach this curation APR?

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