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Over Christmas, I was thinking about RCs, Communities, Smart Media Tokens, and Wallet creation.
Overall I think the future of hive can be really awesome, with some work in the right direction.

My thoughts about it,

In this case, we already have smart media tokens (with simple on-chain smart contracts), because, without them, I don’t see any future for Hive.

Bob creates a Token ---> BobToken. (Token creation must be free or super cheap)

Bob has now the Problem that the bobtoken cant work without Users stacking Hive. To be real, users, in general, want all for free, but don’t value their time.
The Solution is an RC pool for that community.

Token/community creation ->RC Pool for that community

The RC pool could work like 5%-10% (more or less) of Rewards or Inflation comes into that RC pool. Now User can use the BobToken-community without touching Hive (as a Holder). It works in the background and gives Users access to Rcs.

Now Bob can focus on crow the community, without spending a ton of money for Rcs.
Bob's success is the success of the community + Hive holders.

For Investors: Make money out of Hive/Rcs and also support projects that attract more Users. The Token should have a Market maker, internal exchange, or swap option into Hive to enable them to sell them.

If the Rc Pool /or a different RC pool for this community should use for onboarding, it should be work like I describe here with suffix + prefix wallet names.

Why? Cheaper Wallets, prevent name squatting, overall better user experience.

Token/community creation -> RC Pool for that community -> 5%-10% goes to Rc Pool Investors ->
User can use Hive without know they use Hive

This would work for Games
Item found (or in a game transaction like an auction house), Players don’t need Hive, Investors get a part of in-game currency (or Token) and have a share of the success of the game.

I think projects like @splinterlands @rabona and many more that would join would love it.
Also for Businesses can be a Token solution without Spending a Ton of money on Hive before the project start beneficial.

Conclusion, get hive mature:

  • Many Usecases (I think way more than I can imagine)
  • Super easy to use
  • more User
  • More Inflencer / content creators
  • more Pools
  • more games
  • more apps
  • more attractive for Investors and developer
  • greater synergy between Investors and projects

As @aggroed mentioned on the inflation post. I would be for that to remove author/curation rewards completely. Because it’s not needed anymore and no downvoters, upvotes, hate, self votes, or whatever with hive. So nobody gets angry like @jaki01, because of downvotes.

With a noob-friendly Community front end to Install, I see no limit to growth in many areas (for those who need it).

Hive would be at this point the Transaction (RC) + gov Token. That would be my vision with Smts
Witness Rewards and DAO would be the same.

About HBD, this should be a move to a lock-up creation. So it doesn’t affect the Hive Inflation in any way. DAO should be like Witness earnings in Hive.

BTW, with more use cases and less Inflation, I would say Hive is the badass token.
@Blocktrades, because your team does the most work on-chain, is that something you planned to do for 2021? And what you think about Suffix/prefix wallet names https://leofinance.io/@urun/prefix-suffix-additive-for-wallet-names.

I hope you had a nice Christmas, lets see what happens in 2021. Please comment on your thoughts on that. @theycallmedan I think it’s the same vision right?

Feel free to comment.

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RCs will be highly sought after, esp by platforms that want to offer their users a free experience.

I really appreciate your comment,

I think it would work really well with prefix/suffix wallet creation for platforms/apps. Simple because onboarding would be easier and cheaper than ever before + more demand for Hive.

I see a bright future for Hive because of the community and the work behind the scenes.

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oh nice idea! very similar to the one I posted :)

Very nice. One Vision for Hive!

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