CUB promotion video to the moon

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Video doesn't show up on Leofinance:

Twitter as an alternative for it:

CUB needs promotion. Hive needs promotion.

I have made this video and some other marketing materials for promoting CUB.


The video is called "CUB to the moon", feel free to use it. Feel free to share it in social media, your blog or whatever. Btw it is the first video I upload on 3speak, was a good user experience.

People know, I'm not the biggest stakeholder in CUB or LEO. I do it because its needed. I will pitch next day's marketing gigs for Hive dapps and Hive, in general, to bring the dapps to the next level. And for sure also Projects like CUB:)

Do you know how cute the lion is?

We have many tech-heavy people on Hive. But we have a lack of marketing people that stands up and offer something. I will start with it. From the generation of marketing materials and promotions, onboarding services, SEO (offpage), press releases, CRO consulting, Social Media campaigns, Guest posts, Influencer marketing and so on.

Everything that's marketing-related. All on Hive.

Be prepared for it.

I hope you enjoy it.

PS, there are some little cute lion promos follow :)

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can i download the video and upload it to my social networks like instagram, facebook or youtube etc?

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Sure feel free to do, on 3speak you can simple press " download". This is why I made it :) If you like, you can tell me view numbers on other social media after your post, because i want to post some attention post later :)

Network Effect!!!

I like it, you could also do something like this with all the functions of the defi.

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in general not bad idea, but it is a promo video and no explainer. Something people like and write " to the moon" :)

Because embeds doesn't work, you can watch it on peakd

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3speak keeps changing their embed hosting. Not sure why but we keep updating the UI and a few weeks later, it changes :(

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feel free to download the video and share it on youtube if you like :)

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Just in case you don't know, @lordbutterfly is running a Hive professional marketing campaign. Please, have a look at his blog.

By the way, the video is really good. Emoticono Thumb up pequeño.jpg

This is awesome! I am looking forward to being able to use these resources!

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