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RE: Micro-Charges: The Future is Paying for Bandwidth.

in LeoFinance10 days ago

I see it easy. Dapps will make revenue, for example, games. A part of it can be used to buy hive or rent RCs.

Same for social. Advertisements are an untouched income source for Hive front ends. Or better it's in the alpha version.

Leo shows how revenue shares can work. So I'm sure we see more of a network of owners that can support each other and RCs can be like venture capital for new things to empower them for WEB3. Like, give RC for some Tokens, like miners works on HE.

Long term things will balance in some way. In games and NFTs I see a lot of revenue potential. Next smart contract things with Hive as a native token.

Social things like posting will become cheaper in fact of costs of RCs. But only with Network growth.

We can fairly say, nobody pays 150$ for 15Hive for posting and so on if hive hits 10$. But it doesn't mean the user is not worth the RC to use the platform.

Depending on the models, a balance will happen. And yes everything is in competition with everything. So it is the same as on the Internet. Time and attention are limited.

In general most is on disk space, it should make it possible to scale "unlimited" from posting/transaction things. More difficult would it be if storage would save other data like videos :)

The end of the day will be "benefit exploring" to existing things. Most benefits I see in gaming/ fintech combined with social.