About Hive Dapps Contest Result (1): 20 LEO Vested for Winners + Upvotes

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In a blockchain of possibilities like Hive, collaboration is a necessity. Four sets of persons are actively involved in the growth of HIVE as a token - developers, content creators, curators and traders. While the first two are concerned with building and developing the infrastructure, the last two can be considered as investors. The curator buys tokens and stakes them to enable him give out value in votes. The trader on the other hand provides the liquidity in the market to keep the price at a balance.

There is need for synergy for all the players involved for the blockchain to move forwards and for the cryptocurrency to be healthy. This dependence of one party on another shows that one should be willing to help others up the ladder so that he also grows. If everyone on Hive were content creators, then there would be no tokens received in votes. If everyone were curators, then the token staked would not increase.

It is the dream of every Hiver to see Hive contents rated top in google search. This would happen when the SEO ranking of the Hive websites approach 1.

last week ago, I went in search for a leopedia article that could explain the rudiments of the DApp and found none. Thus, it prompted me to set up this About Hive Dapps writing Contest (1) which requested participants to write about Hivestats.io. Th essence of the contest which would be run weekly is to help content creators to write more about Hive dapps so as to make related searches on google to list Hive links in top search results.

To encourage participants, a prize of 20 LEO was named for the top four entries. Full upvote from my LEO curation accounts @uyobong.venture was also promised. Prizes are a great way to encourage content creators to put in more effort to create high quality contents. I know the prizes may look small presently, but as LEO gets to grow, they'll be more tangible. This is why I decided to vest the tokens to the winners to make them LEO stakeholders which would enable them give more value in upvotes while qualifying them for future airdrops for LEO stakeholders.

There were two participants

Many thanks to #Eldecor and @Evegrace for participating in the first edition of the Leofinance writing contest I tag #aboutHiveDapps. I have a bias for education and this is where my strength lies. I look forward to ringing more value to Hive through the education sector.


You can head forward to read their entries:

I decided to close the submission of the contest early so as to share the results early which could also afford them some more supports from the community curators before payout.

The beautiful thing is that the entries were from users who are new to the Leofinance community and this would motivate them to be more active in the community.

Evidence of Rewards sent to the Participants




If you are interested in supporting this weekly contest, you may:

Watch this space for the next Writing Contest!


Earn LEO + HIVE rewards by creating crypto/finance-related content in our PeakD community or directly from our hive-based interface at https://leofinance.io.

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Thank you @uyobong for the rewards and the opportunity given to us.

Congrats! Well deserved!

Thank you @uyobong for the rewards. Off course i really do appreciate you for present the contest.

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Looking forward to your entries in the future episodes.

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That was a nice initiative! Congratulations to the winners, @eldecor, and @evegrace!

Thank you so much @ph1102 for your warm applaud. I really appreciate

I really so appreciate your support to the participants .

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